Why should I volunteer?

Everyone who volunteers does so for very different reasons. Some do it to enhance their skills and CV, others to have a positive impact on a cause they feel strongly about, and others to meet new people and have fun. Well, volunteering with Teenage Cancer Trust does all of that in one, and much much more.

We have some of the most exciting opportunities around and no matter what you do with us, you will be having a huge impact by helping us to support young people with cancer.

How do I apply?

For all other opportunities, visit our current opportunities page and apply directly to opportunities near you by completing our online sign up form. Please make sure you mention the event you'd like to volunteer at on your sign up form and we will be in touch with more information.

How do I find out what opportunities you have at the moment?

You can visit our current opportunities page to see what ways you can get involved and volunteer your time now. If you don't see anything that takes your fancy right away keep checking the page as we are always adding new and exciting opportunities.

Can I volunteer on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer very limited opportunities to volunteer directly on our units or with young people with cancer. Opportunities do come up occasionally and you are welcome to register your interest using our online form. Alternatively get in touch with the volunteering service at your local NHS hospital trust for further information about volunteering opportunities at hospitals.

Do you offer work experience?

We get a lot of requests for work experience at Teenage Cancer Trust and unfortunately, we are unable to offer placements to everyone. If you are over 16 and are looking to gain experience, please keep an eye out for new volunteering opportunities on our current opportunities page and internships page for opportunities.

Can I volunteer if I’m under 16?

Unfortunately, due to insurance limitations we are only able to allow people aged 16+ to volunteer with Teenage Cancer Trust. However, there are other ways you can get involved, one way is to fundraise for us

How much time do I have to give?

The amount of time we ask volutneers to commit to varies depending on the opportunity. Some opportunities only ask volunteers to commit to a few hours on one particular day and others ask for a longer term commitment. We will always make it clear what time commitment we are asking of you and in most circumstances we can be flexible.

If I volunteer at a large event (e.g. football match or music concert) will I always get to see the event itself?

If you volunteer for Teenage Cancer Trust at events we try our best to allow you to see the event itself. However, this depends on the type of event and the availability of space. Most of the time, volunteers are able to gain access, but decisions will be made on the day and are final. Agreeing to volunteer with Teenage Cancer Trust will not automatically guarantee volunteers access to an event.

I don’t live near your London office, can I still volunteer?

Although Teenage Cancer Trust’s head office is in London, we work in communities across the UK. To find opportunities in your area, you can check out our current opportunities page and use the tabs to see the ways you can volunteer in your region. 

I’m looking for therapeutic or medical work experience, can I apply to help on your units?

At the moment we only offer work experience placements on our units or working directly with young people with cancer in very specific circumstances. Get in touch with the volunteering service at your local NHS hospital trust for further information about volunteering opportunities at hospitals.

I have a criminal record, does this mean I can’t volunteer?

Not necessarily, this will depend on what your criminal record is for and the role you are applying for. We reserve the right to make a decision on a case by case basis.

Can I claim expenses for volunteering?

Teenage Cancer Trust will pay local, out of pocket travel expenses incurred in the course of your volunteering. Details will be outlined in the Volunteer Policy at your role induction. Because most of our volunteering shifts are shorter in length, you will not usually be provided with a meal, but there will be water provided for you so please feel free to bring or buy food and snacks and you can claim for up to £4 for a meal for volunteering shifts over 4 hours.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

​Yes, all volunteers representing Teenage Cancer Trust will have to wear the latest Teenage Cancer Trust uniform whilst on shift so that members of the public and attendees can easily identify you as being part of the team. Depending on the event, you will either receive your t-shirt in the post at least 48 hours before the event or onsite at the event.