Text on image reads: Drop the Filter! Become one of our young advisers.

DROP THE FILTER! Become a Young Adviser.

We want your no-filter, no-holds-barred views on Teenage Cancer Trust's work. We're setting up an exciting new Youth Advisory Group and we're looking for a spectacular team of young people with experience of cancer to advise us. 

It's a genuine opportunity for change, because we need your input to make our work even better. But it's not all for our benefit - we think it's going to be an incredible opportunity for you to make a difference. 


We're looking for young people from across the UK who are aged 13 to 24. You must be currently receiving or have received support from Teenage Cancer Trust in the last three years

Don't worry if you've never been involved in anything like this before. If you're passionate about using your experience to influence our work, then this could be the right opportunity for you. 


If your application is successful, you'll be a member of the group for two years. It might sound like a bit of a commitment, but this is a chance to see the impact of your contribution. 

You'll get to attend three dynamic meet-ups across the UK per year with the rest of the group. You'll also have a dedicated online team space to keep in touch with the rest of the team throughout the year and share your ideas, and you'll get to be involved in at least one other exciting Teenage Cancer Trust project of your choice. 

These projects could include: 

  • feeding into our recruitment process to make sure we hire the best candidates for our lifec-changing work
  • working with our corporate team to consider partners who might be interested in supporting us
  • shaping the future of our incredible Find Your Sense of Tumour programme

We'll cover your travel costs and any other relevant expenses. 


Let us know who you are! Tell us: 

  • a little bit about yourself and what makes you, you
  • why you want to join the group
  • your abilities, expertise and experience

How you tell us is up to you. You can film a video of yourself talking on your phone (max 60 seconds), write a short piece about yourself, or do something creative - interpretive modern dance or drawing a comic about yourself is definitely acceptable! 

Don't stress, it doesn't need to be a masterpiece, just something that tells us about you

Once you're done, please send your application over to youngpeople@teenagecancertrust.org by Monday 16th July. We'll get in touch to let you know it's arrived and to tell you what happens next. 

We're excited to hear from you!