Tuesday 29th November 2016


The team of 3 will be equipped with just a start point, an end point, and a glorified lawnmower, better known as the rickshaw. They'll have no set route, no back-up, and no way of knowing if they will make it to the finish line. The only thing they do know is they'll get lost, get stuck and their rickshaw will no doubt break down. 

Nicholas Hoult has been involved with us since 2009. Over the years he's visited patients on numerous occasions and fronted campaigns for the charity, including Shunburn, the skin cancer awareness campaign. In August, Nick and Carlos visited the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at University College London Hospital, meeting teens and young adults with cancer.

Help the team reach their target!

The 3 brave adventurers are taking on this epic adventure to raise much needed funds for Teenage Cancer Trust and WWF, and they are calling on everyone to help support these 2 charities by donating to the challenge via their Virgin Money Giving page.

We're really excited to go to India and start the challenge to help raise awareness and funds for these two great causes. I've been involved with Teenage Cancer Trust for over 5 years now, and Carlos and I recently saw for ourselves how they continue to positively impact young cancer patients, and their families lives when we visited their unit at UCLH. Going to Nepal with WWF to see rhinos in the wild is going to be an incredible experience that I know I will never forget. I hope to learn more about the conservation efforts to protect these remarkable animals, their habitats, the local communities who live alongside them and all the important work WWF helps with. 

Sponsor them today and help them reach their target