I've got cancer

There are lots of different types of cancer and lots of different ways of treating cancer too, depending on your diagnosis.

It can be really overwhelming to get your head around all of the information that you’re given. There are also lots of myths about cancer and what causes it, which can make everything even more confusing. We’ve brought together lots of different bits of information for you to look through in your own time to help you understand your diagnosis and what it means for you.

You can find information on types of cancer, treatment, causes of cancer, how your body might change and also lots of tips and information on how it can impact you, your family and friends emotionally and what you can do to help yourself.

You might feel a range of emotions when you find out you have cancer and it’s important to know that it’s OK to not feel OK. Remember that having cancer isn’t your fault and your clinical team will work with you to find the best treatment options. You can always ask them any questions you might have about your diagnosis, treatment or anything else to do with cancer and its side effects.

Jordan Ramsay

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