Your body during cancer treatment

It’s hard not to be affected by changes to the way your body looks, feels or works during cancer treatment.

If you do look different, you might feel less confident, or more self-conscious, or shy, or just angry that your body doesn’t work or look like it used to. All of these feelings are totally normal – but try to remember that, even if your body does change, you’re still you.

It might not just be the way that your body looks which is different. Some cancer treatments can affect your fertility and, if doctors recommend one of these to you, it’s worth thinking hard about your options. Even if kids are the last thing on your mind right now, in a few years’ time you might feel differently.

There are plenty of things you can do to help yourself feel better about your body. It might seem strange to think about staying healthy if you’re already living with cancer, but taking care of yourself now can make a real difference to the way you feel about yourself. Eating well and exercising when you feel up to it can help and try to do what you can to get enough sleep. Spending plenty of time with people who know it’s who you are – not how you look – that really matters can make a real difference.

Find out more about how your body might change and how you can get support and support yourself.