Cancer treatment

Find out about the different types of cancer treatment, which types of treatment are used to treat which cancers, and who to talk to about your cancer treatment. 

  • There are different ways to treat cancer
  • What kind of treatment you get will depend on what kind of cancer you have and how advanced it is
  • Your clinical team will work with you to find the best option, and to answer your questions

Types of cancer treatments

Cancer is complicated – and so is cancer treatment. There are a lot of different treatments, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution because everyone is different and everyone’s experience of cancer is different. 

The stage of your cancer is an important factor when deciding your treatment. You might even meet other people who have the same cancer as you but are being treated in a totally different way. 

A team of doctors and specialists will work together to decide exactly what’s best for you – this is called a multidisciplinary team. It’s really important that you understand what’s planned and why – so never be afraid to ask. It can help to write down questions before your appointments, and to make notes at the time (or get someone else to do that for you). If you’re still not sure after you’ve been given an answer it’s OK to ask again or ask them to explain it in a different way.  

And while cancer treatment can be tough at times, remember that everything you’re about to experience is designed with one thing in mind – successfully treating your cancer. 

Find out more about the main types of cancer treatment below.

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