After cancer treatment

Getting back to ‘normal’ after you finish your cancer treatment isn’t always straightforward. You might feel like there’s lots of things to think about and experiences to navigate.

Your plans and relationships might look quite different now that you’ve finished treatment. It can be hard to manage relationships at the best of times, so they can also feel quite different after you’ve had cancer. The people close to you might feel the same way and your relationships may start to change.

If you’re ready to head back to work or education after treatment this can be a big step and it’s normal to feel both excited and nervous. It’s important you know that as a young person who’s had cancer, you have rights in law to help you get what you need to keep studying or in order to do your job. This applies if you’re looking for a new job too.

You might also experience some long-term or late side effects from your treatment, not everyone will but it’s good to know what help there is available.

Find out more about what life after cancer might look like.

Nicole during treatment