How we produce our cancer information

To make sure our cancer information works for young people, we involve young people at every stage – and if they don’t like something, we change it.

When we were looking for the ideal person to write our cancer information, we asked various expert writers to draft a sample page – and then asked young people who have cancer to choose their favourite. Why? Because we don’t just care about producing accurate information. We care about producing accurate information that’s as useful as possible for young people.

We’d welcome any comments or feedback you have on our information. Please feel free to email us your thoughts.

Meet our cancer experts who write, review and follow the PIF tick process to produce our outstanding information. 

Teenage Cancer Trust shall hold responsibility for the accuracy of the information they publish and NHS England have no responsibility whatsoever for costs, losses or direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on the website on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust. 

User-generated information is excluded from the scope of certification: weblogs, forums and personal experience pages – except where personal experience pages have been produced through a systematic process of validation.

Written for you

As well as helping to choose our writers, 13-24-year-olds with cancer tell us what they want to read and then help us develop it. If they don’t like the language or anything doesn’t make sense, we change it. Simple as that.

Getting things right

A lot of experts help to make sure our medical info is accurate. We start by only using trusted sources, and then get everything we write reviewed by specialist doctors, consultants, nurses, psychologists and youth workers. It’s vital that the information you find here is right and up-to-date, so you can use it to make the best decisions about your healthcare and treatment.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped develop this content: our team of experts, all our Teenage Cancer Trust employees and all of the fantastic young people and support staff who gave such valuable input.

To find out more about the sources we use, please email [email protected].

Meet our information team

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About Patient Information Forum - PIF TICK

The PIF TICK is the UK-wide Quality Mark for Health Information
Having the PIF TICK on leaflets, websites, apps or videos shows an organisation’s health information has been through a professional and robust production process. To be awarded the PIF TICK an organisation must show its health information production process meets 10 criteria.

In summary the 10 criteria for trustworthy health information are:

  1. Information is created using a consistent and documented process.
  2. Staff are trained and supported to produce high-quality information.
  3. Information meets an identified consumer need.
  4. Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence.
  5. Patients are involved in the development of health information.
  6. Information is written in plain English.
  7. Print and digital information is easy to use and navigate.
  8. Users can give feedback on information.
  9. Information is promoted to make sure it reaches those who need it.
  10. The impact of information is measured.

NHS organisations, health charities and companies creating and publishing health information can apply for the PIF TICK.

The PIF TICK is awarded after a thorough application and assessment process. Each of the 10 criteria has a number of requirements. Organisations applying for the scheme must meet the acceptable standard in each of the core criteria to be awarded the PIF TICK. 

The PIF TICK criteria was developed in consultation with the Patient Information Forum’s 1,000 strong membership representing 300 cross sector organisations.

Consumer research found 80% of the public would look for a quality mark on health information. Evidence, plain English and trained staff were the top three criteria for quality health information identified by the public, although all criteria were supported.

We have created a website to provide guidance and support to members of the public who are looking for trusted health information and to highlight organisations accredited with the PIF TICK. You can find the website here:

Patient Information Forum - Trusted Information Creator

PIF TICK accredited information

The Patient Information Forum is the UK membership organisation and network for people working in health information and support. The PIF TICK is the UK-wide Quality Mark for Health Information.

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