A young person with cancer in a Teenage Cancer Trust unit receiving treatment

Corporate charity partnerships

Become a corporate partner

By creating corporate charity partnerships with Teenage Cancer Trust, your company can help transform the lives of young people living with cancer.  Together we can build a partnership that will benefit and enhance your business and help ensure that no young person faces cancer alone.

How we’ll make an impact

- for your business: 

  • Based on your brand values and strategy, our dedicated account managers can work with you to bring your environmental, social and governance (ESG) and Corporate social responsibility (CSR)  objectives to life, with a plan that talks your language, adds value, and works for you.
  • Charity of the year:  Inspire your people and engage your customers by making us your charity of choice
  • National charity, regional roots: With our nationwide network of services and support teams, we have a presence in almost every region
  • Robust reporting and analysis of the difference your company is making 

- for young people: 

Young people with cancer need: 

  • Specialist nursing care 
  • An age-appropriate environment where they can be themselves
  • Support to keep living their lives
  • The chance to meet others going through the same thing
  • We run 28 units across the UK – the only nationwide specialist network of treatment centres supporting young people with cancer
  • We fund 102 frontline staff working directly with young people
  • Our youth support workers supported 2,200 young people in 2021, including 1,215 group activities in hospitals and the community
Young person with cancer laying in a hospital bed with her pet dog.
Molly, diagnosed aged 15

“I found hospital overwhelming, but when I was transferred onto a Teenage Cancer Trust ward it quickly became a home from home. The staff and patients became an extended family.” 

Want to create corporate charity partnerships with us?

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Inspire your people

Our national portfolio of employee engagement opportunities will give your future talent the chance to enhance their leadership skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

This includes:

Mission Unstoppable for Teenage Cancer Trust logo
  • Corporate charity challenges: motivate your staff, improve employee wellbeing and unite as a team
  • Tailored fundraising activities across the calendar year
  • Nationwide volunteering opportunities and pro bono skills sharing, including auditing, consultancy and programme development
  • Thought leadership programmes
  • Graduate and mid-senior level skills development projects like Mission Unstoppable

Strengthen your brand

We’ll bring the dynamism and creativity that comes with being one of the UK’s leading youth charities to your brand, with opportunities to celebrate your achievements all year round. This includes: 

  • Cause related marketing: align your brand with ours and collaborate with us on your products or services to reach new customers
  • Sponsor an event: connect with your target audience by sponsoring one of our flagship events  
  • PR opportunities nationally and locally
  • Inspire stakeholders with engaging content and stories
  • The chance to enter our annual Altogether Unstoppable Awards, co-judged by young people with experience of cancer.
Group of Aldi employees ourside one of their stores, supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

“We’re delighted we chose Teenage Cancer Trust as Aldi’s first national charity partner. We’ve been overwhelmed with how our fantastic colleagues have got behind the partnership from the outset which is largely down to the incredible support we’ve received from the Teenage Cancer Trust team.”

Fritz Walleczek, Managing Director, Corporate BuyingAldi

Where the money goes

Amelia Harding, a Teenage Cancer Trust lead nurse, smiling at the camera

Our corporate partners play a vital role in improving the lives of young people facing cancer. Their support has helped us build state-of-the-art treatment centres and increase access to expert nurses.

In 2023 we plan to recruit a further 30 new specialist nurses across the UK – an investment that would be impossible without the support of companies like yours.

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