Corporate fundraising ideas

Support from generous businesses helps Teenage Cancer Trust continue vital work caring for young people in need. In this guide to corporate fundraising, you’ll find everything from ideas for company charity days to corporate partnerships.

Why should our business support Teenage Cancer Trust?

No young person should face cancer alone - and that’s why we exist. When organisations fundraise for Teenage Cancer Trust, they help us provide world-class services offering specialised nursing care and support for the young people that need us. We’re the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need. So, by supporting us, you’ll be making a huge difference to teenagers and families facing cancer.

Corporate charity event ideas and activities

From coffee mornings and full-blown gala events, to fancy dress days and sponsored silences, there are so many fun ways to support Teenage Cancer Trust as a business. 

You’ll find plenty of inspiration in our fundraising ideas for work guide and top tips for successful charity events, or you can download some documents and assets for Dress Up and Dress Down Days, and Duvet Days. Corporate charity days have the potential to bring in vital funds for teenagers in need of our help as well as raise awareness of our important cause. 

Corporate challenges for charity

Corporate challenges are a popular and worthwhile way to support important causes like Teenage Cancer Trust. Not only can charity activities for companies raise much-needed cash for good causes, but they also bring employees together and promote team-building. And, on an individual level, they often provide the incentive to get fitter or learn a new skill.

Teenage Cancer Trust is involved in many organised charity challenges which your business can sign up for. Or, if your organisation is looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, then check out our extreme fundraising ideas. And then there are charity sporting challenges, which are always a winning corporate fundraising activity - from football to golf, get a team together for a fun and memorable way to support an important cause.


Corporate partnerships

Looking for a long-term way to support Teenage Cancer Trust? Then a corporate charity partnership might suit your company.

Charity collaborations like this have the potential to boost your company’s image as well as raising crucial funds for young people in need. And it will support your business’s corporate social responsibility framework.

Corporate partnerships can include:

  • Employee fundraising
  • Making Teenage Cancer Trust your charity of the year
  • Payroll giving and matched giving
  • Product endorsements
  • Branded goods: using the charity name or logo when products or services
  • Royalties
  • Supplier or stakeholder fundraising

Become a Teenage Cancer Trust corporate partner and together we can make a difference to young people in need. Whether you’re a big global tech company or a new business start-up, we’d love to chat about how you can support our life-changing work. 

As a valued partner, Teenage Cancer Trust can support your business’s corporate social responsibility objectives in many ways, including: 

  • Robust reporting and analysis of the difference your company is making to the health sector, specifically young people facing cancer (both financially or strategically) 
  • Highly experienced and dedicated Account Managers, who are experts in employee engagement, internal communications and stakeholder management 
  • A national portfolio of employee engagement opportunities 
  • Nationwide volunteering opportunities 
  • Pro bono skills sharing, including auditing, consultancy and programme development 
  • Thought leadership programmes 
  • Graduate and mid-senior level skills development projects like Mission Unstoppable 
  • Opportunities to support Teenage Cancer Trust’s transition to net zero in line with Government legislation and policy across our regions, within our NHS, head office and home settings 

Our corporate partners play a vital role in improving the lives of young people facing cancer and their families. Their support has helped us build state-of-the-art treatment centres and increased access to expert nurses. 

What are the benefits of charity partnerships?

Charity collaborations with businesses have so many benefits. Not only will your organisation be supporting an amazing cause, but it will also be boosting its public image and enhancing employee engagement. Get in touch with us today and find out about the many ways in which Teenage Cancer Trust can benefit from your business’s vital support.

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