Have fun and boost team morale while helping Teenage Cancer Trust reach more young people in need with these charity fundraising ideas for the workplace and office.

Skill share

Have you or your colleagues got a special skill? Perhaps you’re a yoga guru, a brilliant baker or a fabulous florist. Host a session over lunch or after work, share the skill, and ask everyone for a donation in return. 

Coffee break

Take a break from work with a classic coffee morning. Set a date, spread the word and get baking. Why not give yourselves a theme, or make it a bake-off competition? Ask anyone tucking into the baked goods for a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust. It’s a classic and simple office fundraising idea. 

Enterprise challenge

Split employees into groups, set your deadline, pick your judges and then let the competition begin! Each team must pitch a fundraising idea to the bosses to secure seed funding, and then see whose idea raises the most.

Dress up/down day

Whether it’s dressing up, donning fancy dress or dressing down, break out of the routine and ask colleagues for a donation for taking part. What other fun fundraising activities could you do on the same day to boost your total? 

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Social, fun, competitive, and a sure way to raise some hard cash! Whether virtual or in person, set a date, find a quizmaster, prepare your questions and watch the money roll in. We’ve got quizzes covered in our handy top tips for charity quizzes.

Physical challenges

Get colleagues together and plan a sponsored physical challenge for a good cause. From a sponsored walk to extreme adventures like mountain climbing, you’ll raise much-needed funds for charity while team-building.

Duvet day raffle

Raffle off the chance for an extra day’s holiday. It’s an office fundraising idea sure to pique your colleague’s’ interest.

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Marathon events

How about covering the distance across the Channel from the office on a rowing machine? Or cycling for 24 hours solid? Get a team of colleagues together and decide on a marathon event to ask fellow employees, relatives and friends to sponsor you for.

Golf day

If you and your colleagues love a round of golf, organise a golf day and invite customers, contacts and friends and family to take part. Check out our top tips on golf fundraising.

Lunch is on me

If your workplace likes to order in lunch on a Friday, why not offer to cater for everyone one week, in return for a donation? A pot of soup or a batch of chilli is cheap to make and your colleagues are sure to dig deep for homemade goodness. Or ask everyone to bring in a home-cooked dish and sell lunch to each other.

Gain an hour, give an hour

When the clocks go back in autumn, ask everyone to donate one hour’s pay to Teenage Cancer Trust.


Brew busters

See who can throw the (dry!) teabag into the mug from the furthest distance. Charge people to enter and give alternative prizes for the wackiest location and most entertaining video. 

Give as you earn

One of the easiest ways to give money to charity is through a monthly donation in your wages. Lots of companies offer payroll-giving schemes to enable employees to give to good causes direct from salaries. Consider signing up and encourage colleagues to do the same. It’ll make an enormous difference to teenagers with cancer.


Office Olympics

Who will take the gold in speed typing, synchronised chair swivel or paper aeroplane throwing? There’s plenty of fun to be had in aid of charity with an office sports fundraising day.


Whether it’s the Grand National, Wimbledon, Eurovision or the next series of Strictly, charge £2 per name and split the prize pot with the winner and Teenage Cancer Trust.


Sponsored silence

Sometimes the old-school fundraisers are the best! You could also challenge colleagues to give up other things they love for the day, week or month – like chocolate, social media or post-work pints.

Lunch and learn

Invite guest speakers to support your charity fundraising efforts and lay on lunch for their audience. Sell tickets to the event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

What a difference a day makes

Donate a day’s wages and encourage others to follow suit. Just £30 can pay for an hour of expert care from one of our specialist nurses.

Office baby photo competition.

Ask your colleagues to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby, then charge colleagues to guess who’s who.

Get Smartie

Give everyone a tube of Smarties. After they’ve finished their treat, ask them to go away and fill the tube up with £1 coins. Each tube will hold £27! 

Charity book sale

Donate your old reads and hold an office book sale. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest workplace fundraising ideas.

Job swap

Sponsor your manager to work on the shop floor or how about auctioning off the boss’s job for the day to the highest bidder? Job swapping is a great fundraising idea for businesses. 

Dress as your teenage self

Whether you were a 70s hippy or a 90s grunge kid, recreate your favourite look from your teenage years for the day, in exchange for a donation.

How do I get the money raised to Teenage Cancer Trust?   

If you’ve set up an online fundraising page, we’ll automatically get the money. If you’ve collected cash donations, check out our paying-in money guide. And be sure to register your event in advance to get all of the help and resources you need to make it a success.