Young People Playing Pool on unit

Our cancer units

Teenage Cancer Trust units don’t feel like hospital. They’re specially designed spaces where young people facing cancer can feel at home, meet others their age, welcome family and friends, and get the very best care from dedicated nurses and youth support teams.

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How our units work

Teenage Cancer Trust has a unit in almost every major NHS cancer treatment hospital in the UK. Most include a whole ward for young people, a big social area and facilities for friends and family. Every unit has a dedicated team of specialist nurses and youth support workers.

For many young people, staying on one of our units might be the first night they’ve ever spent in hospital. That sets the tone for their cancer treatment, at a scary and confusing time – first impressions matter.

So on our units, you’ll get the very best care and support from friendly staff who specialise in working with young people. Family and friends are welcomed and supported too, and everything from the furniture, lighting and colours to the TV, kitchen and chillout areas is designed to help you relax and feel at home.

Our units are places where young people can be themselves, have the comforts of home while going through treatment, and meet others their age facing cancer so they feel less alone. It’s hospital that doesn’t feel like hospital.

Young person playing pool on Teenage Cancer Trust unit

How we build our units

We believe young people shouldn’t have to stop being young people, just because they have cancer. So we asked young people to help us design our 28 units.

Royal Marsden unit roof terrace

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