Employee engagement and charity collaborations

Find out how supporting charity as an organisation can engage your employees with this guide from Teenage Cancer Trust.

What is employee engagement?

It’s about how involved and engaged an employee is in their job and workplace. An engaged employee is hopefully fulfilled and passionate about their role and the company’s values. There are many elements to boosting employee engagement, from workplace benefits to charity support.

Why is employee engagement so important?

Happy employees are more driven and productive, which is better for business. They’re enthusiastic about their work and want to deliver to the best of their ability. And by measuring employee engagement, companies can find out how positive the overall company culture is. People who are passionate and enthusiastic about the business they work for also tend to spread the word about it, which can enhance your organisation’s public image, too.

Can a charity collaboration help to engage workers?

Although only part of employee engagement strategies, charity collaborations can have a big impact. Knowing that the business is supporting a worthwhile cause can inspire and motivate workers, even more so if it is aligned with company values and goals. And it has the potential to open the door to a wide range of activities to improve employee engagement.

Group of Aldi employees ourside one of their stores, supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

How will a partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust help?

Every day, seven young people aged between 13 and 24 hear the words: “You have cancer”. And Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to providing the specialised nursing care and support they need.. We’re here to make sure none of these young people or their families have to face cancer alone.

Knowing that their company is supporting and cares about such an important cause can be a huge motivator for employees at all levels. Whether they’re directly working on projects that benefit our charity, taking part in fundraising or volunteering their time, a partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust can make an enormous impact.

In return, we’ll report back on the difference your organisation’s support is making to the lives of young people facing cancer. We have a team dedicated to company partnerships, who are also experts in employee engagement and can offer plenty of ideas to boost morale.

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Employee engagement activities and ideas

When a company partners with a charity as part of its employee engagement strategy, it has the potential to create plenty of opportunities for team-building days, fun activities, and worthwhile volunteering work.

Our corporate supporters are never short of fun employee engagement activities when it comes to fundraising. From our apprentice-style corporate fundraising challenge Mission Unstoppable to office fancy dress days, there are so many ideas that can engage your workforce and directly help teenagers affected by cancer.

Another part of charity employee engagement partnerships can be volunteering schemes. These give employees the chance to make a meaningful impact on the cause the company supports, while potentially learning new and valuable skills. It can also provide team-building opportunities and create a more thoughtful company culture.


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