Health professional at Royal Marsden

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If you have to go through cancer when you’re young, you want the very best team around you. We’re proud to fund specialist nurses and support teams across the UK who provide expert care and support for young people facing cancer.

We fund specialist nurses, Youth Support Coordinators and Multidisciplinary Team Coordinators who are experts in teenage and young adult cancer. They work within the NHS on our 28 Teenage Cancer Trust units, across other hospitals and in the community.

These specialist staff make a world of difference to the lives of young people with cancer, providing the best possible clinical care, support and advice. They have a wealth of experience in responding to the unique needs of teenagers and young adults.

In partnership with the NHS, Teenage Cancer Trust either fully or partly funds or ‘adopts’ these posts, depending on the needs of the local area. Adopted staff aren’t funded by us directly, but still have access to the same support, training and professional development opportunities so they can keep providing world-leading care for young people with cancer.

Nurse talking to a young person with cancer

Our experts

I can’t imagine having treatment without Teenage Cancer Trust, and they absolutely smashed the support they have given me during coronavirus.

Lakita, Manchester