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Youth Advisory Group

Use your voice to help other young people with cancer – join our Youth Advisory Group.

Young people with cancer are at the heart of Teenage Cancer Trust. Young people’s voices and experiences inform all our key decisions. 

If you’re a young person with experience of cancer, you could use your voice, skills and ideas to help make sure young people with cancer get the care and support they need, now and in the future.  

We’re currently recruiting for our next Youth Advisory Group (YAG)! If you meet the following criteria then you’re very welcome to apply. You will need to…

  • Have been diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 13-24
  • Have been supported by Teenage Cancer Trust in the last two years
  • Have finished ‘active’ treatment (this doesn’t necessarily include maintenance treatment).

Keep reading to find out more about our Youth Advisory Group, and apply to become a member.

Two members of Teenage Cancer Trust's Youth Advisory Group

What is the Youth Advisory Group?

The group is made up of up to 30 young people who have been affected by cancer and have had direct experience of our services. They all joined because they wanted to make a difference for young people like them. 

We listen to what they have to say and look to involve them in every big decision we make. We do that because no one knows better than those who have been through it. And they don’t just tell us what they think – they directly shape the support we provide to young people. 

They’re involved in critical activities, like helping recruit members of our senior leadership team, creating our strategy and shaping our policy work. And that’s on top of things like helping us to create campaigns and make our services even better across the UK.

Could your voice help us make sure every young person facing cancer gets the best care and support? Keep reading.

The Youth Advisory Group has allowed me to gain confidence with speaking to new people and making connections I never would have had the opportunity to have.

Current Youth Advisory Group member
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Why should I join?

As well as helping us, you’ll get to meet other young people who have had cancer. You can be yourself without judgment, share your story if you want to, and hear about others’ experiences. 

Being part of the Youth Advisory Group also means you get to develop your teamwork, communication and creative skills by coming up with ideas, giving feedback and working alongside different people from the charity including our Chief Executive. It’s great experience for your CV too, and we can provide references or LinkedIn recommendations. 

You can hear more about what it’s like to be part of the Youth Advisory Group from some of our previous members in this video:

Who can be a Youth Advisory Group member?

We’re currently looking for new members to join the group for 2022-24.

You need to be a young person who was aged between 13-24 at the time of diagnosis, and have received support from Teenage Cancer Trust in the last two years. You’ll need to have finished active treatment and be well enough to attend the meetings, which may be held in person or online. We know sometimes health fluctuates but we want to you be well enough to join us and to get the most out of the meetings. If you have any questions or concerns about this then please do get in touch at
[email protected]

Young people talking

We’re looking for experiences of all kinds of cancer. And we want our group to reflect the diversity of the whole of the UK. We welcome applications from across Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. 

Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever your story, we want to hear from you. 

Apply to join our Youth Advisory Group and use your experience to make a real difference.

How does the group work?

There’ll be an initial meet and greet, then the next session will be the first full meeting.

The role lasts for two years and will involve at least three meet-ups per year. These will be a mixture of online meetings such as Zoom or Teams, and meetings held in person in various locations across the UK where possible. Some meetings are held over the weekend and last for two days in order to make the most of the time we have together.

Travel, overnight accommodation and any other relevant expenses will be covered. 

Members will also be asked to give their ideas and feedback in between meetings online via email, Zoom and Slack. 

A Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Engagement and Participation Manager manages the group. They will be your day-to-day contact, but you’ll get to work with members of the wider Teenage Cancer Trust team as well. 

What you'll be doing

We can’t predict exactly what tasks, topics and opportunities the next YAG will have during their time as a group, but previous projects have included:

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Please do take the time to look at the following information and then complete the application form.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you need any further help or have any questions that aren’t covered by these documents.

You can also read our frequently asked questions before you apply.

Apply to join our Youth Advisory Group

We know that it will take a little while to look through this information and fill in the application form, but we hope you’ll agree it’s worth the effort to be part of an incredible group with incredible people. Thanks so much for reading this far and we’ll leave the final word to another of our current YAG…

A young person stood in front of a blue backdrop

I really feel listened to, and it’s amazing seeing our suggestions become reality for the charity – I can’t wait to see what else we can do.

Current Youth Advisory Group member
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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below feel free to email us on [email protected].

General questions

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