Aldi have partnered with Teenage Cancer Trust to raise £10 million in 10 years to ensure no young person faces cancer alone.

Aldi have been in partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust since 2017, when they initially pledged to raise £5 million in 5 years. Aldi reached this milestone 1.5 years early and in turn pledged to raise £10 million by 2027. To date, the partnership has raised an incredible £9 million for Teenage Cancer Trust.

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Currently, not all young people with cancer across the UK are treated within our units, and many still don’t have access to expert, specialist care.

We intend to provide Teenage Cancer Trust Nurses to reach all young people with cancer, wherever they live.

Money raised throughout the partnership will go towards helping us reach every young person with cancer. Aldi also support Teenage Cancer Trust by providing monthly Aldi vouchers to all 28 units which allows funded staff to provide snacks and put on social events for young people staying on the units. We also have the Aldi Rainbow Fund, which provides vouchers to families struggling financially and provides an emergency stop gap until they can gain access to further support.

Aldi staff celebrate £9m fundraising total

Liz Fox, National Sustainability Director at Aldi UK, said:

“At Aldi, we ensure quality food is available at everyday low prices as we believe it shouldn’t be the right of a privileged few – and we feel the same about specialist care for young people facing cancer. That’s why we’re extremely proud to be in partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust since 2017, pledging to raise £10 million by 2027.

“We are incredibly pleased to have consistently reached every fundraising milestone earlier than planned, more recently celebrating the £9 million milestone in September 2023. By committing to our charity partnership, we can make a truly tangible impact and help ensure Teenage Cancer Trust can reach the seven young people diagnosed with cancer every day.”

Kate Collins, Chief Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

“The importance of Aldi’s incredible £9 million contribution cannot be underestimated. Cancer kills more teenagers and young adults in the UK than any other disease. And for those who survive, going through it without the right support can be devastating – physically and emotionally.

“Without Aldi’s support for Teenage Cancer Trust’s vital work many young people would have faced cancer alone. Thanks to Aldi, young people with cancer across the UK have received tailored support from our specialist nurses, youth support teams and hospital units that’s helped them hold on to their identity, independence, and their dreams.

“We are incredibly grateful to our colleagues at Aldi and all the Aldi customers for their continued support.”

Hex's Aldi bag design

Hex raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust in collaboration with Aldi and designed the new ‘you, me, and a cup of tea’ reusable bag which was available to buy at Aldi stores throughout July 2023.

Hex Coles with their Aldi bag design