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Teenage Cancer Trust's Unit at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in Manchester was opened in August 2013.
This unit is part of the North West region where Teenage Cancer Trust are delivering a nursing and support service for young people who are being treated in hospitals across the region. This service is designed to enable us to support young people wherever they are and whenever they need us.

As part of this care, Teenage Cancer Trust fund 10 expert staff in the North West:

  • Lead Nurse
  • 5 Youth Support Coordinators including 1 based at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
  • 3 Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • MDT Coordinator

They champion the needs of young people with cancer and provide specialist expertise and care in local hospitals.




year olds

  • Bathroom and recreational room

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

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Right now, we can't reach every young person who needs our support. Join us and help make sure every young person with cancer gets the care they deserve. Find out more ›


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