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Taster day at Find Your Sense of Tumour U18's

Find Your Sense of Tumour (FYSOT) is a free weekend event specially for young people who’ve had cancer. It’s your chance to get advice, be inspired and enjoy a great weekend with others your age who truly get you.

This year FYSOT is back in person and we’re offering the chance for you and your parent/guardian to come for the day rather than the full weekend. We hope you will join us on Saturday 18 June at Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire.  

It’s free to attend and we can cover your travel costs (fuel or public transport). 

What is Taster Day?

Rather than coming to FYSOT for the weekend, you can come for the day on Saturday 18 June from 10am to 5.30pm. You get to take part in the same activities as young people staying for the weekend and you will get to meet and socialise with young people from all over the UK. The only difference is you’re there for the day and you get to bring a parent/guardian with you.  

And don’t worry about your parent/guardian! They will get a special area to relax while you do your thing and we’ll offer them plenty of cake and a massage too if they fancy it.

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Who can come? 

To come to FYSOT Taster Day as a young person you must:  

  • have been diagnosed (or still on active treatment) on or after your 13th birthday
  • be aged between 13 and 17 by 19 June 2022
  • have finished treatment within the last 6-24 months or be on maintenance treatment
  • have received two doses of the Covid vaccine by 1 June
  • Be willing to do a lateral flow test before travelling to the event and provide proof of a negative test 

If you can’t say yes to all of these, please consider applying to Digital FYSOT instead.

To come to FYSOT Taster Day as a parent/guardian you must:  

  • have received at least two doses of the covid vaccine 
  • have received a booster of the covid vaccine (or will do) by june 1 
  • be able to attend FYSOT and be available to your child all day on Saturday 18 June including transporting them to and from the event (car or public transport) 
  • be willing to do a lateral flow test before travelling to the event and provide proof of a negative test 

The parent/guardian who fills in the application form must be the one to bring the child on the day.  

There are some exemptions that will be made for young people on maintenance treatment or palliative-stage patients if your treatment team feel it will be appropriate for you to attend. Get in touch with [email protected] 

Over 18? We will update the list above closer to the time for the over 18 event. Check back soon.  

Darcy Shaw

Where is it and how do I get there?

FYSOT is at Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire. The postcode for satnav is WS13 8QT.  

We are able to cover mileage if you’re driving at 45p per mile.  

Alternatively, you can arrange your own public transportation and you can send us your receipts to [email protected] to be reimbursed. If you would prefer us to book your train travel for you up front, please email us.  

Expenses will be reimbursed within two weeks. We are unable to cover costs for overnight accommodation.  

The closest train station is Lichfield Trent Valley – it is a short taxi ride away from the venue.  


What do I need to do to apply? 

You need to fill in this form with your parent/guardian. It asks about you, your cancer and there are a few things on there we need your parent/guardian’s consent for too.  

Register today

There’s also a medical form we will send to your clinical team to make sure you’re well enough to attend. We will get in touch after we have both of those forms to confirm if you can come to Taster Day.  

What happens next? 

We will speak with your clinical team and then we will confirm if you can come to Taster Day. We will email you letting you know. If you need us to book travel for you, we will be in touch about that too.  

Does it cost me to attend? 

No it’s free to attend and we can book your travel for you too. Just tell us in the application form.  

If you have more questions, you might find the answer you’re looking for in our FYSOT FAQs [link to FAQs] or email [email protected] and a member of the team will be happy to help.  


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