Three 10-minute workouts you can do at home

Our friends at MOVE Charity are experts in exercise and cancer rehab. They’ve kindly shared these brilliant 10-minute workouts you can do at home with little or no equipment.

Gemma from Move Charity

Gemma from MOVE Charity says:

“It’s a really challenging time right now, but here at MOVE Charity, we want to encourage you to stay active and keep moving, by focusing on what you CAN do safely and within government and Public Health guidelines.

“If you are unable to get outside to exercise, then it’s really important to keep moving whilst you are at home. Listen to your body and remember that even light activity like getting up to make a cup of tea and moving around your home is better than not moving at all.”

Top tips for your 10-minute workout

  1. Set a reminder on your phone to get up and move
  2. Get into a routine during the week and schedule time to be active
  3. Ask a friend to be your virtual workout buddy and ask them to do a workout with you over Facetime/WhatsApp etc.
  4. Tell family members what you’re trying to do and get them to join you
  5. Find something you enjoy doing, set yourself a goal and keep it fun

Workouts you can do

The MOVE Home workouts, designed by cancer and exercise rehabilitation specialists, focus on functional movements and exercises. Why not give one of these MOVE Home Workouts a try?

Cardio: 10-minute workout beginners’ cardio – no equipment

A 10-minute cardio workout with Gemma and Helen from MOVE. This quick, low-impact workout will work your upper and lower body and get your heart pumping.

Strength: MOVE Bodyweight workout – no equipment

MOVE beginners’ bodyweight workout with Gemma and Helen. This can be done at home, no equipment needed. 8 reps, on 45s rest but just hit pause if you are taking 60s rest.

Chair-based workout with band

This chair-based workout aims to increase your movement, strength and mobility. You’ll need a resistance band or knitted scarf or old pair of tights for some of the exercises.

A huge thanks to the team at MOVE for sharing these videos! You can check out MOVE’s full collection of lockdown resources over on their site.

* Please note these give a taster of the work MOVE does, but they are not specific to any particular patient or cancer diagnosis. Always listen to your body and advice from your medical team. If you have any questions or if you are interested in tailored 1-1 support via the MOVE 8 week programme, head over to

If you’re on active treatment, your medical team will need to refer you to MOVE, but if you have finished treatment, you can refer yourself (with approval from a parent/guardian if you are under 18.) Email: [email protected]