Below is a breakdown of how we raised and spent money in the 12-month period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. For more detailed information on our finances, have a look at our annual report.

How we raised money

Pie chart 2019 total income

Donations and public fundraising - £8.7m (47.3%)

This includes individual and group fundraising from challenge, community and special events as well as one-off or regular donations.

Corporate partnerships - £4.5m (24.5%)

Income from corporate partners including charity of the year partnerships and employee fundraising.

Music and events - £4.6m (25.0%)

Income from music and special events including the annual Royal Albert Hall gigs in March.

Trusts and foundations - £0.5m (2.7%)

Grants from charitable foundations and trusts.

Interest - £0.1m (0.5%)

Interest earned on cash deposits.

How we spent money

Teenage Cancer Trust relies wholly on public donations. We receive no government or NHS funding at all. 

It’s vital we invest in our future and make sure we can carry on doing what we do year after year. That’s the only way we’ll still be there for the 2,500 young people who’ll be told they have cancer next year, and every year after that. 

Here's a breakdown of how we spent money in 2019:

Pie chart 2019 total expenditure

Supporting young people during treatment - £5.5m (31.4%)

This includes running and maintaining 28 units in hospitals across the UK; funding our expert nurses, Youth Support Coordinators and Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordinators; and funding and development of NHS nursing and support staff.

Supporting young people after treatment - £1.0m (5.7%)

This includes our Find Your Sense of Tumour, Way Forward and Ultimate Backstage Experience events, which bring young people together to support each other and adjust to life after treatment.

Education - £2.1m (12.0%)

This includes delivering presentations about cancer in schools* and providing resources for schools and other organisations to educate about cancer.

*We withdrew this service in June 2019 following our success in lobbying for the inclusion of cancer education in the National Curriculum in England from 2020.

Policy, influencing and service development - £1.7m (9.7%)

This includes our work with policymakers and organisations like NHS England to make sure the voices of young people with cancer are heard; professional training and development for our funded staff; and research to develop and champion teenage & young adult cancer care as a specialism.

Fundraising - £5.0m (28.6%)

For every £1 we spent on fundraising activities, we raised £2.94 to make sure no young person faces cancer alone.

Trading - £2.2m (12.6%)