Below is a breakdown of how we raised and spent money in our 2017/18 financial period (from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2018). For more detailed information on our finances, have a look at our annual report.

How we raised money

Our total income in 2017/18 was £23.05m

Donations and public fundraising - £12.56m (54.5%)

This includes individual and group fundraising from challenge, community and special events as well as one-off or regular donations.

Corporate partnerships - £4.60m (20.0%)

Income from corporate partners including charity of the year partnerships and employee fundraising.

Trusts and foundations - £1.17m (5.1%)

Grants from charitable foundations and trusts.

Trading - £4.63m (20.1%)

This includes income from ticket sales for Royal Albert Hall shows, merchandise and cause-related marketing.

Interest - £0.09m (0.4%)

Interest earned on cash deposits.

(Some percentages do not add up to 100% due to rounding)

How we spent money

Teenage Cancer Trust relies wholly on public donations. We receive no government or NHS funding at all. 

It’s vital we invest in our future and make sure we can carry on doing what we do year after year. That’s the only way we’ll still be there for the 2,500 young people who’ll be told they have cancer next year, and every year after that. 

So for every £1 you donate, 75p is spent directly on delivering our services, while 25p is invested in raising funds for the future.

Here's a breakdown of how we spent money in 2017/18:

Our total expenditure in 2017/18 was £24.48m

Cancer services - £13.28m (54.2%)

Policy, influencing and service development - £1.77m (6.9%)

Fundraising - £5.01m (20.5%)

Trading - £4.42m (18.1%)

We planned an overspend during the period to invest in rolling out our Nursing and Support Service across the UK, so that all young people with cancer can access our support wherever they choose to be treated. We also invested in developing our organisation to ensure we’re in the best possible position to keep working with and supporting young people.

(Some percentages do not add up to 100% due to rounding)

Our cancer services expenditure in 2017/18 was £13.28m

Before diagnosis - £3.47m (26.1%)

During cancer treatment - £8.13m (61.2%)

After cancer - £1.68m (12.7%)

(Some percentages do not add up to 100% due to rounding)