Download our Annual Review and Annual Report for 2016/17

How we raise money

In the last financial year (2016-17), we were proud to raise £16million to help young people facing cancer in the UK.

  • donations and community fundraising - £9.3million
  • corporate fundraising - £2.7million
  • income from trading activities*- £3.8million
  • interest** - £62,309
  • income from charitable activities £119,540


*this includes raffles and lotteries, merchandise or tickets for events like our Royal Albert Hall shows
**interest earned on cash deposits

How we spend money

From every £1 that you donated last year, 77p* was used to help make sure young people don’t face cancer alone.

We invested £9.4million into cancer services.

* We work out this figure in the same way as other major charities in the UK so that our supporters can compare us with other organisations. We also use our financial results for the last three years which ensures that significant events in any single year do not have a distorting effect. This figure excludes trading income and expenditure associated with challenge events, registration fees and tickets for our shows at the Royal Albert Hall because these trading activities represent a different type of fundraising and if they are included they do not properly represent the efficiency of every £1 donated.