Thursday 16th September 2021

Welcoming the publication of the Cancer Strategy for Children and Young People in Scotland 2021-2026, Kate Collins, Chief Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust, said: 

“The Scottish Government’s new strategy recognises that every young person with cancer needs specialist care, and was developed in collaboration with young people, their families, and the organisations that support them through treatment, including Teenage Cancer Trust. 

“We are delighted that Teenage Cancer Trust’s ambition for every young person to have equitable access to age-appropriate cancer support is so closely aligned to the Scottish Government’s future ambitions. 

“We particularly welcome the commitment in the strategy to implement Teenage Cancer Trust’s ‘IAM’ (Integrated Assessment Mapping) tool across Scotland. This tool allows young people and health professionals to work together to identify the emotional and clinical support they need as they go through cancer treatment.  

“Teenage Cancer Trust will do all we can to honour and help implement the commitments in the strategy to improve the lives of young people with cancer across Scotland."