Monday 13th February 2017


Slash Football, the fastest growing multi-platform football channel, which is owned by Social Video Broadcaster Brave Bison, thinks that football influencers have had it too good, for too long. They play FIFA with their mates, do crossbar challenges, and make videos earning them fortunes, while the rest of us sit here and grind it out. But fear not, on 16 February they'll be taken down a peg or two, to raise money for us.

Slash Football are hosting a very special football tournament, An Absolute Shocker, in aid of us at 7pm on 16 February. Slash Football chose to partner with us as we're a charity close to the heart of some of the talent involved, and were bold enough to take on the unique event of 'shock' football in order to raise awareness of our work.

Watch 'An Absolute Shocker' live on Facebook on 16 February

Brave Bison, has worked with creative tech production company Weir and Wong to build the Advanced Shock Football Technology™ (we've hacked some electric dog collars to be used on 'willing' human participants) so that Brand executives from companies and clubs including Uber, The FA, Arsenal and Chelsea will get the chance to electrocute the all-star YouTube teams while they attempt to play 5-a-side.

An Absolute Shocker will see some of the biggest names on YouTube taking part. Callux, Calfreezy, The Burnt Chip and JMX will lead team Slash Football, while YouTube sensation Manny will captain his own side Eltham SF FC side. With a further 2 teams featuring even more football YouTubers.

With a Total Social Reach of more than 20 million between them this really could be the biggest tournament YouTube has ever seen. The tournament will be live streamed on Facebook.


Will Pyne, Chief Creative Officer, Slash Football, Brave Bison, said:

We've hacked some electric dog collars so they work on humans and the lads have signed some waivers - you can see where this is going… In all seriousness we’re engineering a charity event that offers the sort of ridiculous, fun content our audience wants. And it’s for a bloody brilliant cause.

Jane Ashton, Head of Music & Entertainment at Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

We are so incredibly grateful to Slash Football, the brand executives and, of course, all the YouTubers who are putting themselves through the wringer in order to raise awareness and funds for young people with cancer. The event is a wildly creative fundraising idea and we are so thankful for the support of everyone involved for helping to ensure no young person faces cancer alone.

"We have made huge strides in supporting young people with cancer in the UK but, right now, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust is able to reach, there’s another we can’t. We want to provide Teenage Cancer Trust Nurses across the country to reach all young people with cancer, no matter where they live. To do this we will need to raise £20 million a year every year by 2020 and the funds raised from An Absolute Shocker will help us do just that."