My career

I’m a business man with 30 years experience, 10 as a Chief Executive and 15 as a Chairman of a wide range of companies including V Ships, Target Express, Virgin Express, Paragon Group, Laura Ashley, Investors in Education Ltd, Cope Allman and currently Ofsted.

I joined the Board of Trustees at Teenage Cancer Trust in 2009 after working with the management team for a number of years, and became Chairman in July 2010.

My role

I got involved with Teenage Cancer Trust because my son had cancer, and I’d seen how devastating a cancer diagnosis is for a young person. I also believed in the charity’s vision and was very impressed with the senior management team.

I really enjoy working with a dedicated team at the charity. It has a great moral purpose and is absolutely on the side of teenagers. It’s challenging to be a trustee – if you do a good job it takes more time than is advertised – but rewarding too. One area I think I’m skilled at is helping – and I’m sure she won’t mind me saying, also challenging – the Chief Executive!

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

When I was young, I wanted to be an engineer. I grew up in Argentina, and loved sport. It’s very difficult to be a teenager – it’s a process of becoming whoever you want to be.

Teenage Cancer Trust is an inspiration. I’ve had a lot of good experiences with the charity – new unit openings are always special, and of course meeting the young people who have benefitted from our work.

It’s also great to attend the twice-annual staff day, especially the “special moments” section when everyone shares their highlights from the last six months.