Looking ahead to 2017 in Policy

Fri 3 Feb '17

The start of a new year is always a great opportunity to review where you’ve got to and what you still need to achieve.

Our 2016 in Policy

Mon 19 Dec '16

We’re looking back over the past 12 months to see how we did on our policy goals for the year.

Britain Against Cancer

Wed 14 Dec '16

This month the Policy team joined MPs and other cancer charities to help deliver the UK’s leading cancer conference.

Understanding Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Data

Wed 30 Nov '16

This month we’re really excited to be able to launch our new report on what young people with cancer think about NHS patient data.

NHS England's Cancer Strategy: One Year On

Wed 2 Nov '16

Last year NHS England realeased their new cancer strategy. A year on, we take a look at the national plan

August policy update

Tue 16 Aug '16

Welcome to the August update from Teenage Cancer Trust's policy team.

Preparing for our Parliamentary Reception

Tue 21 Jun '16

Over the past few months we've been planning for an exciting event that's taking place this summer and is now almost here!

Response to Lancet Oncology report on survival rates

Fri 27 May '16

See our response to the Lancet Oncology Report's findings that while more young people of all ages are surviving cancer than ever before, adolescents and young adults have a lower chance of surviving 8 relatively common types of cancer than children.

May policy update

Thu 26 May '16

Welcome to the May update from Teenage Cancer Trust’s policy team. There’s been lots happening this month, from elections in the devolved nations to the Queen’s Speech in Westminster.

What will the next 5 years hold for cancer services in devolved nations?

Thu 21 Apr '16

With less than a month to go until Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland return to the polls to vote in new Governments, we're looking forward to see what newly elected members in these political parties can do to help young people with cancer.