Thursday 1st June 2017

"Specialist care has been and will continue to be forefront in my healthcare since day one of diagnosis. I have been living with Ewing’s Sarcoma (a rare and aggressive soft tissue and bone cancer) within my chest for over a year now and find my life exists in a boomerang between hospital and home. My young person’s ward in Birmingham is funded and provided through the Teenage Cancer Trust and has not only provided added comforts for young people and families going through cancer treatment (be that a kitchen, a study or somewhere to be upset in private) but care and support imperative to ensuring young patients’ mental heath is acknowledged and made action upon accordingly.

The Teenage Cancer Trust nurses on my ward have answered questions I haven’t had the strength to ask anyone else and have listened to my anxieties and worries with  time and dignity, without making me feel as if I’m a burden or even a patient. You strike up bonds with staff and trust them with your life. Cancer would have been (and would continue being) so much scarier, lonelier and confusing without the specialist 1-1 care Teenage Cancer Trust provide.

This election, I want party leaders to be transparent with the public and those within the cancer community that Brexit negotiations and deals will not effect cancer trials, research and recourses provided to young people with cancer and carers."

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