Saturday 3rd June 2017

​"Theresa May’s call for the snap election has given Teenage Cancer Trust the opportunity to voice issues that should be addressed in Parliament. The charity works towards aiding young people like myself receive the right specialist treatment for Cancer. Unfortunately, only half of these young people are receiving such treatment. And the treatment Teenage Cancer Trust provides includes:


These reasons, amongst many other amazing things Teenage Cancer Trust provides, are something to think about before you decide to vote. I think as a nation we will want an increase in cancer survivors, particularly in young people. We represent the next generation of doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers etc. And a way to understand why we need to have specialist care is to teach everyone about cancer itself. It is a taboo subject and we all fear the word and to take away this fear, we have to introduce Cancer into education. Children may know a member of their family or even a friend that has the disease and will not know the impact it has on their lives and how to approach them. Cancer can happen to anyone and by teaching children about it can beneficially help our future generation to stand up to cancer and ultimately cure more types of cancer."

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We're asking everyone to step up for young people with cancer this General Election. Read what our Head of Policy Sasha Daly has written about how important it is that cancer education and specialist care for young people with cancer are made a priority,  or see what other young people are saying.