Tuesday 6th June 2017

"Being a young person with cancer is petrifying. I'm not saying being an older person with cancer isn't petrifying, just very different. When I was diagnosed in March 2016, I was told I would have a teenage cancer nurse by my side. She stuck there, and has been a huge help through the whole process. 

It is so important to understand the needs of young people. The specialist care I received was beyond anything I could have ever asked for. They pin-pointed everything I needed as a young person, whether that be socialising with other young people with cancer, or things to take my mind off being in hospital, as well as asking doctors questions when I was too nervous. Even now, over a year on and they are still brilliant. Cancer isn't something that is broadly talked about, almost a 'swear word' if you wish. I feel it should be talked about far and wide. Education about cancer, diagnosis, living everyday with cancer and lifetime scarring, is very much needed at our schools and colleges here in the UK. Yes, it is scary, but with the correct knowledge and education I feel it doesn't have to be nearly as daunting."

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