Sue is a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Sick Children's Nurse, and has an MBE and a Masters degree.

My role

I am based in a large teaching hospital, one of the Principal Treatment Centres. We have a team of social workers, learning mentors, clinical psychologists, nurse specialists and youth support workers and we provide a supportive service to all young people across the region who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Some young people choose to be treated in a hospital nearer their home, and we ensure that they also have access to the support we provide. We also work very closely with the professionals working on the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit that we have in Leeds - this is divided into two areas, one for 13 - 18 year olds and the other for 19 - 24 year olds.

In my role I attend a lot of meetings and do a lot organising of services. I also do a lot of national and international work in continuing to influence the development of teenage and young adult cancer care. However, my favourite part is working directly with, and communicating with the young people.

Lots of things inspire me from seeing a junior nurse ‘getting’ what we do and why, to working with some amazing young people.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Teenage Cancer Trust helps to provide ‘normality’ to each young person diagnosed with cancer by providing an ‘age appropriate’ space in hospitals, expert staff who treat and support young people and education to support health professionals. It also provides education, information and peer group support to young people and their families.