From learning how to write a song and play instruments at our Royal Albert Hall Music Workshops, to hanging out with hundreds of young people going through similar experiences at Find Your Sense of Tumour. Our Support Team arrange and run an incredible collection of events and actvities to help young people all around the country. Find out more about them as well as our Way Forward Programme and local support and acitivity fund by clicking the links, or emailing us.

Events for youngpeople

Find Your Sense of Tumour is an inspirational weekend event offering a mix of presentations, therapies and social activities. Check it out ›

Support forfriends and family

Finding out someone you love has cancer can leave you feeling scared, upset, powerless and angry. Read more ›

Education andawareness

We aim to educate every young person in the UK about cancer, cancer prevention and healthy living, empowering them to take control of their own health. Book a session ›