Find Your Sense of Tumour

Join us on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December 2020 

Be a pioneer: join us at the first-ever virtual Find Your Sense of Tumour.

About the event

We’re excited to be running the first-ever virtual Find Your Sense of Tumour for 18-27 year olds on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December 2020. 

Take part in online activities, watch inspirational talks and get expert, practical advice on things like body imge, mental wellbeing and work. You’ll get to know other young people who understand what you’re going through – and there’s also plenty of time offline to relax and unwind. 

Who can attend?

Find Your Sense of Tumour 2020 is open to young people who have/had cancer within the last 5 years and are aged 18 to 27. You don’t need to have been treated on a Teenage Cancer Trust ward to be eligible to attend. 

What does the weekend look like?

We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure the virtual version of FYSOT is just as interactive, inspirational and fun-filled as ever. 

Throughout the weekend there’ll be a huge selection of resources and virtual workshops available on demand. Try yoga, sketching or bullet journaling, learn about wigs, skincare, exercise and employment skills, and get information and support from a range of other fab charities. 

There’s also a series of fun offline activities to get creative and make sure you’re not glued to the screen the whole time – although we will encourage you to share the results on social and see what all the other attendees around the UK are up to!

Saturday 5 December

10am: Log on to the dedicated online platform we’ve put together for the event. Our friendly comperes will welcome you, get you settled and talk you through the weekend ahead.

 10.30am: Watch an inspirational talk from a fellow young person who’s been through cancer and hear how they’ve coped and thrived through change – followed by a live Q&A. 

11.10am: Break out into a virtual group with other young people from your region. It’s your space to chat safely and reflect throughout the weekend. Your nurses and Youth Support Coordinators will be there to help if you need. 

11.50am: Get going on your first offline activity, and dip into the resources and virtual workshops. 

2pm: Your comperes will welcome you back and lead you into a choice of talks packed with expert tips on sleep, body image, managing anxiety and fatigue. 

2.45pm: Gather in your regional group again for more chats, reflections and an introduction to your next offline activity. 

3.30pm: Spend the rest of the afternoon completing the activity and exploring more of the resources and virtual workshops. 

7pm: The comperes will welcome everyone back for an evening of fun activities with a bit of friendly competition between regions! 

Sunday 6 December

10am: Welcome back online! Once again your comperes will talk you through the day ahead. 

10.30am: This morning’s theme is all about being kind to yourself: enjoy a choice of workshops on mindfulness, creative writing and planning for the future. 

11am: Chat and reflect in your regional group – you’ll hopefully be getting to know each other well by now. As always, your nurses and Youth Support Coordinators will be there for any support you need. 

11.45am: Get going on your third and final set of offline activities, and spend some more time catching up on any of the resources and virtual workshops you didn’t get to yesterday. 

2pm: Welcome back after lunch. Tune into another fascinating talk from a young person who’s been through cancer, and be inspired to keep moving forwards – followed by a live Q&A. 

3pm: A final thank you from your comperes, and a bit more time in your regional group to reflect on the weekend and chat through any issues you might need support with. 

3.45pm: That’s the end of official proceedings, but we hope the weekend will stay long in your memory as you come away with loads of new ideas, top practical tips and hopefully some brand new friends who get what you’ve been through. 

Find out more and sign up

Ask your Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse or Youth Support Coordinator, or drop us a line at


Cancer changes your life. And it may leave you with questions about friendships, relationships, fitness, fertility and lots more.

So Find Your Sense of Tumour is your chance to have a laugh (and learn a few things!) with 100 other people your age who have (or have had) cancer too. In other words they ‘get you’. No brave face needed. No filter. You might even get to know someone who’s had the same cancer as you.

This year, FYSOT will take place online for the first time, which means it’ll look a little different to previous events – rest assured we’re working hard to make sure the virtual weekend is just as interactive, inspirational and fun-filled as ever!

What is FYSOT like?

"It was lovely meeting young people from across the UK who had been through similar experiences as I could relate to them."

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