Maybe you’ve finished cancer treatment but aren’t sure what comes next. Or maybe you’re adjusting to life on long-term treatment and feel like you could use some help. Either way, try not to worry.

Young people tell us all the time that finishing treatment can be just as complicated as finding out you have cancer in the first place. This is why we created Way Forward – a specialist event to help address some of the challenges at this time in your life.

Maybe you've been feeling:

  • Confused by the change in your routine
  • Lonely because you no longer see the same faces every day
  • Isolated from family and friends who don't get how you feel
  • Unsure about how you fit into your old life
  • Worried about whether your cancer could come back
  • Angry, sad, depressed and even more confused because of how cancer has disrupted the life you imagined for yourself

Whatever you're feeling and whatever plans you have, we're still here to support you.

Our Way Forward events are a big part of that support.

At Way Forward, we bring you together with 15-20 other young people whose cancer treatment finished between 6 months and 5 years ago. Together you can:

  • chat openly about anything that's on your mind
  • ask questions about anything
  • leave everyday stress far behind
  • get practical, expert advice on the big issues that bother young people such as relationships, work, mental health, and body image


All your questions about Way Forward, answered. 

Our upcoming events

  • 17-18 September, Glasgow
  • 28-29 April, Liverpool

You can read all about the event here in our event leaflet

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