Fundraising for TCS London Marathon 2025 FAQs

Got questions about fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust at the 2025 TCS London Marathon? Here are some FAQs to help you get started. If your question isn’t answered please get in touch with us on [email protected]

How much would I need to raise? 

As a charity place runner there is a minimum sponsorship of £2,000 (excluding Gift Aid).  We ask that you have raised 25% of the target by 16th January 2025.

I’m worried about fundraising, can you help? 

Don’t be. There are lots of fundraising ideas and tips on our website and we’ll support you along the way. Visit our fundraising ideas page to get some inspiration.

Can you send me collection tins and so on to help with my fundraising? 

Yes. If you decide to do something like a bake sale, bag pack or bucket collection to raise money towards your sponsorship, we can give you a range of materials such as tins, stickers and banners to help. All you need to do is email us when you know what you’re doing.

You can also download our free fundraising documents and assets to help get you started.

Can you give me a letter to confirm that I’m fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust? 

Yes. These can often be helpful if you’re approaching companies for sponsorship or raffle prizes. If you’d like one of these, please send us an email to request it. Please note that if you are planning to do a street or private collections you will need to get the appropriate permission. 

How do I set up an online fundraising page?

Once you have your place secured (either confirmation of a charity place with us, or through the general ballot) then the next step is to set up your online fundraising page.  This can either be done through Enthuse or JustGiving - whichever one you prefer.  It will take around 5 minutes to do this, but we’d recommend spending a little more time personalising your page with your story, images and a target.  

Can I raise money with my friend? 

Yes. If you both get a charity place you would need to raise a minimum of £4,000 combined (excluding Gift Aid). Don’t forget to let us know who you’ll be fundraising with so that we can link your fundraising together. 

Can I raise money for my local unit? 

We would prefer to allocate donations to support all young people with cancer across the UK to reduce the risk that some areas of our work have more funds allocated than can be spent in a reasonable timeline. However, we would be able to allocate funds if requested to a specific region, but only if you agree this with us from the outset of your fundraising and make sure that all your fundraising activities indicate that you are fundraising for a specific region. 

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