How to hold a successful gaming fundraiser

Check out our gaming fundraiser guide for simple steps to set up your Game-a-thon challenge and support young people with cancer.

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Get your gaming fundraiser on!

1. Set up your gaming fundraising page 

Teenage Cancer Trust have partnered up with Tilitfy to make it easy for you to fundraise straight on your charity stream. It’s a fundraising platform made especially for gamers and creators. 

Tiltify have some pretty cool features like polls, rewards and milestones to drive up donations during your charity stream. Check out our tips.

Set up your Tiltify page

2. Choose your challenge 

Pick a date for your gaming fundraiser – this could be October 10th for World Mental Health Day, or whenever works for you! 

Choose one of our Game-a-thon challenges or set your own. 

  • Stream for 7 hours for the 7 young people who are diagnosed with cancer every day. 

  • Stream for 10 hours for World Mental Health Day on 10th October 

  • Split 28 hours as a stream team for the 28 hospital units that have been designed to feel like home for young people 

Remember to look after yourself during long gameplays – check out our tips from other Teenage Cancer Trust streamers here.

Once you’ve chosen your gaming fundraiser, connect your stream to your fundraising page. 

3. Raise the hype of your gaming fundraiser

Create some content to drum up some hype with your friends and followers. Ask them to support your gaming fundraiser – you could even start a charity stream team!  

The Why 

Let your community know why Teenage Cancer Trust needs you. Together, we’re raising money to help support every young person going through cancer. 

Check out graphics and overlays to help you promote your stream - you can view all the assets on Google Drive. You’ll also find key stats and talking points for you to share during your charity stream. 

4. Show up and stream 

Every £ you raise adds up! Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference.  

So, whether you raise £5 or £500 through your gaming fundraiser, you’re supporting our mission to reach every young person going through cancer. 

It’s important to acknowledge the donations coming in and thank people for their support. 

Join our Game-athon event

Check out our fundraiser tips from other Teenage Cancer Trust streamers:

  • Take plenty of regular breaks from the computer - give your eyes a break away from the screen, at least for a few minutes every hour 
  • Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water  
  • Eat well - make sure you have some healthy snacks to eat throughout.  
  • Get up, stretch and move around – we advise every hour!  
  • Be sensible with your streaming length – if you’re going solo, you could split your timed-challenge across a few days, or share the challenge with others. 
  • If you’re not feeling well, stop the stream – even if you’ve committed to more hours, stop the stream and look after yourself.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs.

Tiltify widgets and tools


Offering incentives for donations is a great way to boost your fundraising. It could be a shout out during your livestream or naming in-game characters after those who donate.

Read more on Tiltify’s website


People who include polls on their fundraiser often raise twice as much as those who don’t.

Read more on Tiltify’s website


Setting fundraising milestones can really help inspire people to help you get to the next big target.

Read more on Tiltify’s website

Not a streamer, but still looking to run a gaming fundraiser?  

Whether you’re a casual PC gamer, Switch gamer, a board game player or anything in between - you can still play games for good! Gaming brings people together and when you’re a teenager going through cancer – gaming can mean so much more!   

You don’t need to stream to get involved - get together with your mates to see how many board games you can get through in 24 hours, or choose your own challenge. 

Set up a JustGiving page

Support from other organisations

  • Check Point is a charity that provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community.
  • National Cyber Alliance has great advice.
  • NSPCC have advice for how children can stay safe online. (Anyone under 18 years old will need to take part under the supervision of an adult.) 
  • BBC have some top tips.

Gaming fundraiser downloadables

Game-a-thon download, logo

Check out our range of graphics and overlays to help you hold the best possible gaming fundraiser to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. You can view all the assets on Google Drive or download the individual assets below.

View all Gaming fundraiser assets

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