London Marathon fundraising health check

Part of our Marathon team? Find out how effective your fundraising is!

Customise your online fundraising page

Customise your online fundraising page so that people know why you’re running, and why you need their support. You can do this following the simple steps below:

  1. Add a photo 
  2. Share your story - let people know why you’re running 
  3. Keep people updated on how your training and fundraising is going
  4. Set a target

Great, you’re off to a strong start!

Share your online fundraising page

Now that your page is setup let’s share it to the world! Promoting on social media can increase your fundraising by approximately £36. 

How about writing little bit about why you’ve decided to run for Teenage Cancer Trust?

Get the boss on board

What is match funding?

Match funding is a great way to boost your fundraising. Many companies offer to match donations up to a certain limit.

Why not ask yours and see if they’ll be able to help you on your way to smashing your fundraising target

Plan some fundraising activities!

Culinary expert to experimental artist, we’ve got fundraising ideas for you!

Find out more about gift aid

What is gift aid?

Gift Aid is a Government Scheme which allows us to reclaim tax on donations made to Teenage Cancer Trust. If your sponsors are UK tax payers, they can help raise even more money simply by writing their full name, home address and postcode on the sponsorship form - make sure they don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box!

What can it be claimed on?

Gift Aid can be claimed on individual and sponsorship donations that are made to Teenage Cancer Trust by a UK tax payer. Gift Aid can only be claimed on ‘gifts’ which means it can’t be claimed if the donation someone made was an entry fee or competition fee.

Gift aid and your fundraising

Gift Aid is not offically counted against your sponsorship target and is treated as a bonus. This is because it can take up to four months for Gift Aid to come through once an event has passed. And not all Gift Aid declarations are approved by the Inland Revenue.

Keep people updated

There are lots of ways you can keep your friends and family updated with how your marathon journey is going, it’s important to do this to encourage their support.

Here are our top 5 ways you could do this…

  1. Add updates to your fundraising page
  2. Start a marathon blog or vlog
  3. Share updates on your social media accounts
  4. Set up a specific instagram account to document your progress
  5. Ask your friends and family to share how proud they are of you!

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