Under 18s Find Your Sense of Tumour

Friday 7 to Sunday 9 July 2023 

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Find Your Sense of Tumour (FYSOT) is your chance to spend a fun, informative and inspiring weekend with other people your age who’ve been through cancer treatment too.  

Young person at FYSOT

Take part in outdoor activities, speak to like-minded people, watch inspirational talks and build your confidence and think about what you need next. There’s also plenty of time to relax and unwind. Join us at Whitemoor Lakes Activity Centre in Lichfield, England.

Wherever you live in the UK, we’ll cover the cost of travel for you to attend. The event, accommodation and catering are also free. 

Applications for the FYSOT under 18s this July are now closed. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the registration process. 

Event programme

Please note, this might be liable to slight changes closer to the event date.

Friday 7 July    

  • 16.30 onwards Arrivals, registration & welcome 
  • 18.00 Activities in the Hub
  • 19.00 Dinner  
  • 20.00 Welcome by Teenage Cancer Trust  
  • 20.10 Group icebreaker  
  • 20.35 Special guest speaker 
  • 20.50 Fun and games to get FYSOT going & campfire outside 
  • 22.30 Finish and chillout   

Saturday 8 July

  • 7.30 Ease into FYSOT, start the day with a coffee and chat (The Hub) 
  • 8.00 Breakfast  
  • 9.00 Welcome & introductions  
  • 9.10 Interactive session with Youth Support Coordinators & young people          
  • 9.30 Introduction to workshops     
  • 9.40 Workshops 1 ‘Body’: Sexual health, Exercise during and post-treatment, Sleep and Late effects     
  • 10.30 Break  
  • 11.00 Welcome back  
  • 11.05 Workshops 2: ‘Mind’: Confidence, Anxiety, How to tell your story, Body image 
  • 11.55 Group panel  
  • 12.30 Free time  
  • 13.00 Lunch  
  • 14.00 Welcome back and group activity  
  • 14.20 Introduction to afternoon activities and briefing  
  • 14.30 Outdoor activities/ Complementary therapies / Marketplace / Arts & crafts / Photobooth / Diary room
  • 15.30 Group Leader coffee and catch up     
  • 17.30 All activities to finish, except complementary therapies. Free time for groups         
  • 18.30 Dinner  
  • 19.45 Evening activities 
  • 21.25 Film with snacks 
  • 23.00 Finish and back to lodges

Sunday 9 July

  • 7.30 Ease into FYSOT (The Hub) 
  • 8.30 Breakfast  
  • 9.30 Welcome to final day  
  • 9.40 FYSOT online reunion/Digital peer support  
  • 10.00 Trying new things! Wheelchair basketball, Circus skills, Drumming, and Food for Thought 
  • 10.50 Free time and activities in Hub 
  • 11.15 Feedback/evaluation time          
  • 11.35 Pack up and departure activities with group 
  • 12.10 Break and snack 
  • 12.25 Welcome back  
  • 12.35 Group activity 
  • 13.15-13.30 Photo montage and then goodbye. Departure with packed lunch and snacks

How do I apply? 

Applications for the FYSOT under 18s this July are now closed. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the registration process. 

What next? 

After we’ve received your registration information, we’ll check your eligibility with your clinical team. If they give the go-ahead, then we will send you a full application form to complete, as well as asking your clinical team to fill in a medical form for you. Once we’ve received both of those, if everything is OK, then we’ll send you an email to confirm your place! 

In line with our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2022-24, we want to make sure that this event is as inclusive and accessible possible. We welcome, value and respect everyone no matter what your identity or background is and want you to be able to be yourself on this weekend. If there is anything we can do to make this event and the application process more inclusive for you, please let us know when you complete your full registration form.    

If you want to know more about signing up, your treatment team should be able to help, or you can email [email protected]

If you’re over 18, applications for our 2023 event will open later in the year. 

Who can attend?

If you want to come to Find Your Sense of Tumour under 18s, you must: 

  • have been diagnosed with cancer (or still on active treatment) on or after your 13th birthday
  • be aged between 13 and 17 by Sunday 9 July 2023
  • have finished active treatment within the last two years or be on maintenance treatment.

People who have had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant must be at least one year post-treatment before attending and have completed their post-transplant routine vaccination program. 

There are some exemptions that will be made for young people on maintenance treatment or palliative-stage patients if your treatment team feel it will be appropriate for you to attend. Get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to know more. 

Please take a look at our FAQs

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