Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re getting creative in the kitchen, hosting virtual hangouts or getting fit with at home workouts. Look no further!  Whether it’s your first event of this kind or you’re a virtual-oso, our Do try this at home virtual fundraising ideas will have something for you.

Check out some fun and easy (well some are) virtual fundraising ideas to get you going! The sky’s the limit. We hope this selection below gets you inspired. You can also download our fundraising guide (pdf) which is full of fundraising ideas and inspiration.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, simply set up your JustGiving page and register for a free fundraising pack. Whatever you raise will make a difference and you’ll be helping us to ensure that no young person with cancer faces it alone – thank you.

During these challenging and unpredictable times, please ensure your fundraising activity adheres to COVID-19 restrictions and meets all associated safety guidelines. 

The health and safety of you, the organiser, and the public is a priority. Prior to any fundraising activity Teenage Cancer Trust strongly encourages you to:

  • check the most up-to-date local, regional and national government guidelines and restrictions
  • ensure risk assessments are conducted.
  • take every precaution to keep people safe. 

Remind yourself of social distancing and social gatherings guidance for your nation – remember England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may differ from each other. Latest guidance and restrictions can be found at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus including local lockdown information and links to the devolved nations guidelines.

Fun and games

Pub quiz

quiz icon

Get people together on Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc. and host a virtual quiz. Simply set up a fundraising page where people can donate to enter. Try making it a weekly event with friends, family or colleagues to keep your fundraising going.

Music night

microphone icon

Music brings people together – even from a distance! Host an online gig, open mic, karaoke night or talent show with people donating to get involved and have some fun.

Games night

game controller icon

Whether it’s an online FIFA or Fortnite tournament, or some good old-fashioned parlour games over video chat, get your mates together and donate to play.

Fancy dress

fancy dress icon

Arrange with your fellow home workers to wear fancy dress for the day in exchange for donations to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Early morning rave

boombox icon

One for the 90s kids maybe: gather your friends on a video chat and host a pre-work, alcohol-free rave to get the blood pumping for a day at your desk.


Get off your screen

Get sporty

exercise icon

Set yourself a physical challenge to complete from home. How about working out the distance to your nearest Teenage Cancer Trust unit and running or cycling the miles over a number of days? Or for every £1 donated, complete a certain number of push-ups or flights of stairs.

Donate the difference

coffee icon

Donate the cost of your commute, coffee, lunch or any other daily savings from not working at the office. Easy.

30 laps

run icon

Do 30 laps of your garden a day, for 30 days, to mark Teenage Cancer Trust’s 30th anniversary year. (Difficulty level may vary depending on the size of your garden.)

Hair we go

bearded man icon

Maybe now’s the perfect time for a beard growing competition? Or go the other way and get sponsored to shave your head (and get a bunch of friends on board to do the same!)

All-day challenge

clock icon

Get sponsored to do an activity for a whole day – how about playing a board game for 12 hours straight or dusting off that 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle?


Fundraising ideas for kids

Spare change challenge

piggy bank icon

Collect all the spare change lying round the house and donate the total to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Movie night

movie icon

Arrange a virtual movie night with friends: why not pick a Disney/Pixar classic to all watch at the same time, and donate the savings on cinema tickets and popcorn?

Online competitions

teddy bear icon

A guess the baby/pet/drawing contest is easy to organise online and fun for kids and grownups alike – or a classic Name the Bear competition where entrants make a small donation to suggest a name.

Sponsored silence

silence icon

Ask family and friends to sponsor you to stay silent for a whole day (could prove very popular with home-schooling parents right now!) – and why not get your classmates to do the same?


book icon

Put all this extra spare time to good use and challenge your year group to a sponsored readathon. The class to read the most books in 30 days is the winner.





*If you’re under 16, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian before taking part in a fundraising activity.