Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re getting creative in the kitchen, hosting virtual hangouts or getting fit with at home workouts. Look no further!  Whether it’s your first event of this kind or you’re a virtual-oso, our Do try this at home virtual fundraising ideas will have something for you.

Check out some fun and easy (well some are) virtual fundraising ideas to get you going! The sky’s the limit. We hope this selection below gets you inspired. You can also download our fundraising guide (pdf) which is full of fundraising ideas and inspiration.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, simply set up your JustGiving page and register for a free fundraising pack. Whatever you raise will make a difference and you’ll be helping us to ensure that no young person with cancer faces it alone – thank you.

Summer fundraising ideas

We're feeling sporty this summer and here's some ideas for events you could organise to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust:

Euro sweepstake

The rescheduled Euro 2020 tournament gets underway with matches across twelve European nations. Could one of the home nations lift the trophy or will Portugal emerge as victors again?

  • Here's a handy guide to help your organise your sweepstake
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  • Summer of Sports

    A great summer of sport is underway, why not hold a themed fundraising event, have fun, get active and raise money for a great cause all at the same time.

  • We've put together a guide to help you organise your summer of sport
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  • Here's some other fundraising ideas


    trainer icon

    Up for a challenge? On average our nurses cover more than 15,000 steps per shift. Ask your friends, family or colleagues to set you a fundraising challenge or come up with one of your own. Why not, ditch the lift and take the stairs? Why not walk a famous path or between each of your offices for an extra challenging challenge? Set up your JustGiving page and ask for sponsorships per step. Set yourself a physical challenge to complete from home.


    coffee icon

    Simply give up one thing you treat yourself to every day e.g. that double shot, vanilla, extra hot chai tea latte, that sneaky packet of crisps or chocolate bar, perhaps the weekly meal out? It’s up to you! Just pop the money you would’ve spent in one of our collection boxes. Do this for a month and you could help us fund a specialist nurse for an hour.


    bearded man icon

    Why not take on a challenge that's head and shoulders above the others? Lots of our wonderful supporters have taken on a head shave challenge for us. Maybe now’s the perfect time for a beard growing competition? Or go the other way and get sponsored to shave your head? Along with a few family members, friends and colleagues grab some clippers, collect some sponsorship and help us to be there for young people with cancer.


    silence icon

    If you’re a chatterbox, why not surprise everyone by challenging yourself (and a group of friends if you like) to a sponsored SHHH! Whether you challenge yourself to an hour or a whole day to stay schtum, the effort will be worth it.


    microphone icon

    Inspired by our Unseen shows. Why not plan your own music fundraiser. From virtual karaoke, virtual house parties, name that tune, silent discos, open mike nights, garden festivals and more… there are tons of ideas to choose from. Donate to take part or stream your music fundraiser and ask for donations to view.


    game controller icon

    Whether you’re a first-time gamer or a seasoned pro. If Fifa, Fortnite, Minecraft RoBlox or good old-fashioned board games are your thing. This idea is simple and fun - choose your game, get together and either donate to play or get sponsored.



    globe icon

    Missing your holidays? Why not visit virtually? Get on yer bike and peddle to your destination. Rack up the miles, Strava the proof, watch the sponsorship roll in.


    movie icon

    Hosting a virtual movie night is a great way to bring people together to relax, enjoy a fantastic film, and raise money for a good cause! Whether you choose to host a classic movie marathon or streaming box set binge session, all you need to do is donate the cost of everyone’s ticket and cinema treats to us.


    fancy dress icon

    Why not glam up your next team meeting, arrange a fancy-dress fashion show or how about a virtual fancy dress house party. Channel your inner fashionista and get together, glam up and do some good while looking good. Donate to take part or stream your fashion show and ask for donations to view.


    gavel icon

    What could you donate? Maybe an hour of gardening, a guitar playing lesson or an hour or learning a new hobby. The list is endless. Collect a pile of promises from family and friends then host and online auction using your just page and watch the bids fly.


    exercise icon

    Complete a challenge at home. Whether you choose to take on one of our popular Facebook challenges (like 3,000 push ups or 2,800 squats), climbing Everest on your stairs or circumnavigate the globe on your rowing machine. Easy! Why not invite your friends to take on the same challenge to give it a competitive edge?


    gavel icon

    Have a good clear out! Sell your old books, clothes, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games and donate the proceeds to us. It's simple and something everyone can do!



    teddy bear icon

    Name the Teddy, Guess the Weight of the Cake or Judge a drawing competition. Whichever one you choose all you need to do is set up your just giving page, register for your FREE fundraising pack and set your challenge. Change up these well-loved classics by asking people for donations to enter for a chance to win.


    quiz icon

    Get Quizzical! Fancy yourself as a bit of a smartie pants or a quizzing legend? Think you know your tv theme tunes, capital cities, famous faces or FA Cup winners? Why not get a few groups of friends together and challenge them to a virtual quiz? Donate to take part or stream live and ask for donations to watch.


    clock icon

    Not all marathons are runs. Why not think outside the box with this one? Pick a day, block out 24 hours and choose your marathon challenge. Why not host a virtual danceathon, or get your neighbours together (socially distanced of course) and do your dancing in the street? Dancing not your thing? How about a 24-hour gaming session or movie marathon.


    horse icon

    A race night is a virtual day at the races which is often far more fun! Charity race nights can be real winners. Race nights are fun, fast and a good way to make raise money and a great way to entertain your guests while doing some good at the same time. Find out more.


    boombox icon

    Keep dancing! What are you waiting for? Dance like nobody’s watching, host a virtual house party, zumbathon or dance show with your troupe. Pick a playlist, invite your friends and donate while you dance.


    balloon icon

    A virtual balloon race is a 100% eco-friendly simulation whereby everything about the race is real except the balloon, so no birds or animals are harmed during the race! All you have buy and build your balloon and see how far it travels in the challenge. Find out more.



    chess icon

    Are you a chess rookie or a killer queen? Pay to play, watch the pot grow and the winner moves on to the next opponent. Who will be crowned champion? Checkmate!


    book icon

    A Read-A-Thon Fundraiser is a fun fundraising challenge that encourages the love of reading. It’s easy, set up a team Just Giving page for your or your class and log the number of minutes and books that you’ve read and ask friends and family to sponsor you per minute.


    piggy bank icon

    Looking for a simple way to PAY IT FORWARD that everyone can get involved with? Why not take on our SPARE CHANGE CHALLENGE? Every penny counts. Empty those penny jars, look in the car and dig down the back of the sofa. Why not ask your friends and colleagues to donate the spare change in their pockets every week for a month? It will soon build up. Give Change, Change Lives.




    During these challenging and unpredictable times, please ensure your fundraising activity adheres to COVID-19 restrictions and meets all associated safety guidelines. 

    The health and safety of you, the organiser, and the public is a priority. Prior to any fundraising activity Teenage Cancer Trust strongly encourages you to:

    • check the most up-to-date local, regional and national government guidelines and restrictions
    • ensure risk assessments are conducted.
    • take every precaution to keep people safe. 

    Remind yourself of social distancing and social gatherings guidance for your nation – remember England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may differ from each other. Latest guidance and restrictions can be found at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus including local lockdown information and links to the devolved nations guidelines.



    *If you’re under 16, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian before taking part in a fundraising activity.

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