Once you’ve decided what you’re doing remember to register your event with us using our online fundraising form, or if you’re stuck for ideas get in touch - our experienced fundraisers are full of ideas.


Here are some of our top tips to help you run a successful event and smash your fundraising target!

    People will be much more engaged if they know your story. Let them know why you're taking on this challenge and why you're supporting Teenage Cancer Trust.
    Giving yourself plenty of time to plan your event is the key to a successful fundraiser. If you need any fundraising materials, feel free to give us a call on 0207 612 0370 or email challenges@teenagecancertrust.org
    Social media is the best marketing tool and it's FREE. Creating events on Facebook and inviting all your friends is a great way to get the word out there about your event.
    Pay day is an excellent day to remind people of your fundraiser or event, then your friends and family really have no excuse!
    Letting people know how close you are to your target will encourage your friends to donate and help you reach your final goal. Everyone wants to be that friend who pushed your total to £2,000 (or whatever your personal target is!).

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    Fundraise at work

    Ever thought about fundraising in your workplace? You can have fun as well as raise money for young people with cancer - and the ideas below should get you started. 

    Don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a matched funding scheme. If they do it could double your fundraising total!

    Who’s that baby?

    Ask a few of your colleagues to give you photographs of themselves as babies and set up a competition to see if people can guess who’s who.

    Office Masterchef

    Challenge your workmates to see who can create the best savoury dish and sell the most portions during lunch hour.

    Teatime treats

    Charge your colleagues a small amount and rejuvenate them from their mid-afternoon slumber with some sweet snacks and a cup of tea.

    New Year’s Resolution

    Challenge your workmates to give up their guiltiest pleasures for three months and set up an honesty box for those who can’t resist temptation.

    Unwanted Christmas gifts?

    Organise a swap shop at work and encourage your colleagues to donate a small amount in return for getting rid of their Christmas clutter.

    Stretch it out

    Convert your office into a table tennis arena, Zumba studio or yoga room for one afternoon and charge a small amount to get your colleagues moving

    I camembert it!

    Bring a bottle, your smelliest French cheese and a small donation to brighten up the mid-week fatigue.

    Feeling hampered?

    Put together a basket of donated goodies and set up a raffle in your workplace.

    Walk to work

    Encourage colleagues who live locally to leave their cars, don their trainers and get sponsored for one week of fitness and fun!

    Wacky onesies

    Get your colleagues to pay a pound and wear their pyjamas or onesies to the workplace.

    In your community

    Fundraising in your community can be hugely rewarding – whether it’s with your family and friends, or pulling in all your neighbours, we have ideas to suit everyone.

    And the winner is…

    Challenge your friends, family and neighbours to anything from a limbo-dancing competition to a bake-off and ask each team to donate a small entry fee.

    Be my Valentine?

    Organise a just-for-fun speed dating event in your local community this Valentine’s Day and ask the participants to donate a small sum.

    Cracking car wash

    Get a bunch of friends together and get scrubbing! Willing drivers can sponsor you a small sum to get their car looking squeaky clean.

    Halloween havoc

    Turn your local community into a ghost town this Halloween, with sponsored ghost tours, pumpkin carving contests and a fireworks display to cap it all off!


    Drop teams off in a mysterious location and sponsor them to find their way back to your town before the other contestants get there first!

    Musical mayhem

    Host an open-mic night, karaoke contest or gig in your local community and ask audience members to donate a small sum.

    Spectacular sports

    Organise a football, tennis or swimming tournament amongst your friends, neighbours and family.

    Promise pandemonium

    Set up an auction and ask local people, whether they’re keen gardeners or handy mechanics, to offer an afternoon’s work to the highest bidder!

    Sponsored quiz night

    Split up into teams to see who has the best general knowledge in an all-out battle of fun facts and mind-boggling conundrums.

    Christmas Clobber

    Wear your Christmas kit to work and charge everyone for the privilege, we can send you some posters to promote it!

    At school/college

    Fundraising at your school or college is a fantastic way to raise money For Teenage Cancer Trust. Children under the age of 16 must have permission from a parent or guardian before taking part in a fundraising activity and the activity should be coordinated by an adult, particularly handling money.

    And a hush fell over the classroom…

    Ask your family, friends and teachers to sponsor you to stay silent for a whole school day! Your whole class, year or even entire school can have a go at staying schtum – your teachers will love it.

    Stupendous sweets

    Fill a large see-through jar with sweets and ask your classmates and teachers to guess how many there are. The person who guesses the closest to the actual number wins the jar.

    Crazy costumes

    Organise a dress-up day for your school, where each pupil pays a pound to wear their normal clothes or dress up as their favourite movie character. Hold a contest for the best dressed person.

    Delicious desserts

    Tempt your teachers, classmates and parents with some delicious home-baked cakes and treats.

    Fabulous fashion

    Organise a fashion contest in your school hall and invite aspiring student designers and models to show off their work and compete for a prize. Charge audience members 50p to watch the show.

    Make a money snake

    Ask the whole school to donate their spare 10p’s and place them in a snake-shaped line across the floor of your school hall. Watch the money snake grow as more coins are added to it.

    Eccentric eggs

    Hide some chocolate Easter eggs on the school grounds and charge your classmates £1 to find as many eggs as they can.

    Christmas Clobber

    Wear your Christmas kit to school and charge everyone for the privilege - we can send you some cool posters to promote it.

    Rowdy races

    Cap off your school sports day with a sponsored parent vs teacher tug of war, three-legged race or egg and spoon marathon.

    Ridiculous reading

    Challenge your year group to a sponsored readathon! The class to read the most books in 30 days is the winner.

    Raid your wardrobe

    Bring in your pre-loved clothes and hold a sale in your school hall. We’ve got some posters and bits to help you – drop us a line.

    Teenage Cancer Trust has a team of Education Managers who work with schools to educate young people about cancer – you can find out more at our learning hub via our website or email us at education@teenagecancertrust.org.

    Challenge yourself

    There are hundreds of fantastic challenges here in the UK and across the world. From fun runs to cycles to mountain treks, and even jumping from the skies, there's something for everyone.

    Why not find a challenge that suits you and enjoy the experience of a lifetime while supporting young people with cancer?

    Put your best foot forward

    From fun runs to ultra-marathons, whatever your running ability or aspiration, there’s a run for you. Don your trainers and join #TeamTeenageCancer at one of hundreds of running events across the UK or overseas.

    Pedal Power

    Cycling has becoming hugely popular in recent years, and whether you’re a semi-pro, or just starting out, there’s an event that’ll test your stamina.

    Take a leap of faith

    Feel the adrenalin surge as you take part in a sponsored bungee jump, skydive, abseiling or zip wire challenge.

    Terrific treks

    Get your friends and family to sponsor you as you travel the world or conquer perilous peaks in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. Whether you want to explore the Burmese wilderness or ascend the Three Peaks in the UK, sponsored treks are a fantastic way to challenge yourself.

    Trivial hair-sute

    Get your relatives and friends to sponsor you as you grow a beard or moustache, dye your hair a crazy colour or shave it all off for Teenage Cancer Trust.

    Pain is gain

    Have your workmates and family sponsor you to get your legs waxed in public.

    Bizarre beans

    It’s still a classic – get sponsored to take an hour long bath in a tub of baked beans. Serve warmed through or chilled.

    Call it quits

    Ask friends and family to sponsor you as you give up your guilty pleasures for three months or more. If you’re addicted to Facebook, cigarettes or chocolate, this challenge is the one for you.

    Make a birthday wish

    Instead of asking for a birthday present or Christmas gift, ask your relatives to donate the money they would have spent on you to a charity of your choice.

    Making music

    Play a musical instrument? Challenge yourself to play for a full 24 hours and get your friends and family to sponsor you, or alternatively take your instrument up a mountain for some extreme playing

    None of these take your fancy? Organise your own challenge event. Just let us know what you’re planning and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

    Fundraising with Boxing events

    At Teenage Cancer Trust we have taken the decision that we will not support ‘unlicensed’ boxing events held to raise money due to the risks that may be involved to individuals taking part.  

    Before we can support or benefit from your event, please confirm whether the event is registered with the British Board of Control or the Amateur Boxing Association. 

    If the event is registered with either of these, please send through a copy of the licence in the case of the British Board of Control, or the names of the Amateur Boxing Association registered people involved. Send to hello@teenagecancertrust.org 

    If the event is not registered with the British Board of Control or the Amateur Boxing Association, we are unable to support or benefit from your event. 

    If the event is not registered, would you consider doing something else for Teenage Cancer Trust? We have lots of information about other ways to fundraise for us and can provide you with ideas. 


    Check out our A-Z fundraising guide. Lots of ideas to suit everyone!



    A great way to raise money is by getting friends and family to take part in a sweepstake to guess what time you'll finish the London Marathon or any training runs you have planned beforehand. Whoever is closest to your finish time wins some money or a prize of your choice.



    You can absolutely handle the heat in the kitchen while putting a smile on people's faces with your culinary skills. Put the oven on full whack, cook up a storm and be the cooking legend you know you are!

    Time: a few days
    Target: £100
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 1 week
    Target: £250
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 1 week
    Target: £100
    Difficulty: Easy


    Everybody loves cake! So organise a bake sale and raise some dough for Teenage Cancer Trust!



    The word on the street is... You are the word on the street! You love to be surrounded by family and friends, so get them together and do what you do best!

    Time: A few hours
    Target: £50-100
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: A few hours
    Target: £50-100
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 2 weeks
    Target: £50-150
    Difficulty: Challenging

    Time: 2 weeks
    Target: £100-200
    Difficulty: Hard


    A quiz night is the perfect wat to bring together colleagues, friends and family - so why not make it a fundraiser and put the money you raise towards your target!



    Training for a marathon just isn't enough for you - you want more! You thrive on adrenaline and love to push yourself to the limit. How about getting your friends and family on board to take on a challenge with you?

    Time: 1 month
    Target: £200
    Difficulty: Challenging

    Time: 1 month
    Target: £100-200
    Difficulty: Hard

    Time: 2 weeks
    Target: £50-100
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 2 weeks
    Target: £100-200
    Difficulty: Easy


    If anyone can find an exciting way to fundraise, it's you! Challenge yourself and let your mind go wild. Get people's heads turning whether it's through art, music or performance. Get the crowds in!

    Time: 2 weeks
    Target: £50-100
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: A few hours
    Target: £30-50
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 1 month
    Target: £100-250
    Difficulty: Challenging


    You are a fundraising pro with the ability to entice the most resistant colleagues into donating a few quid. You know what to do, get out there and show the office what you're made of!

    Time: 1 week
    Target: £50
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 1 day
    Target: £50
    Difficulty: Easy

    Time: 1 day
    Target: £50-150
    Difficulty: Challenging


    We know you are a Legend and it's time the world knew it too! Getting media coverage could boost your fundraising and help raise awareness.

    View our info to help you get a bit of media glory