For teachers

As a teacher you will appreciate that our cause is powerful and inspiring and one that will resonate with your pupils and their parents.

If you’ve been involved in fundraising before, you’ll know it has a lot more benefits than just raising money for a great cause like ours. Fundraising allows young people to feel a sense of pride in helping others, particularly when they understand the impact their support has had – as an individual and also as part of a team.

When the whole school has a shared goal it’s amazing how quickly a sense of team and community can develop - a fundraising goal in classes, year groups and schools can really drive that team culture. It’s also a great opportunity to generate some publicity for your school in the local media. 

Planning fundraising activity? Drop us a line and let us know.

For students

As a student there’s a lot you can learn through organising fundraising activities – budgeting, organisational skills, event planning, working as a team or campaigning. All these skills can be added to your CV, application letter or personal statement. And of course you’ll have a heap of fun with your friends!

We’ve listed lots of ideas to get you started. Once you’re ready to fundraise, let us know your plans and we can offer you whatever support you need.

Get busy fundraising at school:

  • School sports challenge – a sponsored bike ride or maybe a football match
  • Battle of the bands
  • Our School’s Got Talent – talent show
  • Wigsy Onesie
  • Sock it 2 ‘em – Collect 2ps in football socks 
  • Summer ball, disco or music festival
  • Cookie and smoothie sale
  • Raid your wardrobe
  • Teacher vs. student sports match
  • Song writing competition
  • Get Wiggy with it - wear an outrageous wig – pay £1 for the day
  • Non-uniform day - pay £1 for the day
  • Red, white or blue day
  • The Smartie challenge – fill a tube of smarties with £1 coins
  • Hold an enterprise competition – we have loads of information and ideas on enterprise weeks. Raise money and improve your business skills!