Write a press release

A press release is a short piece of writing to explain what you are doing with the hopes it grabs the journalist’s attention and they want to cover your story in the media. While sending a press release doesn't guarantee your story will appear in the press, it is a great step to getting your story covered.

We have template press releases to help you get started:

Here's how you write a press release:

  • Fill in our template press release with your information.
  • Do a bit of online research or call your local media to get the best email address(es) to send your release to.
  • Copy and paste the release to the body of the email. Do not send as an attachment. Adding a punchy headline in the email subject line helps to grab the journalist’s attention.
  • Email the pre-event press release two to six weeks before the event.
  • Email the post-event press release as soon as possible after the event.
  • If you haven’t heard anything for a few days, give the journalist a call.

Taking photos

Journalists love getting good photos. They help bring stories to life so having good quality photos is a sure-fire way to boost your chances of getting your story in the press. Here's some tips for sharing photos with the press:

  • Get some photos ready (wait until a journalist asks for photos before sending):
    • Of you in your Teenage Cancer Trust branded t-shirt/vest in training (if you’re doing a pre-event release) and during/after the challenge for the post-event release.
    • Of your event. If you’re including photos of people, try to have maximum of only three or four people in the photo.
  • Make sure photos clearly show everyone’s face and are high resolution (minimum 1MB). Make sure everyone has given their permission.

Being interviewed

A journalist may like to ask a few questions if your story is of interest.

The thought of speaking to the media can be quite daunting but remember to be yourself. Questions will be about the reasons why you’re doing the challenge, how training is going and how you feel about it. Remember, journalists are interested in your challenge or event and aren't trying to catch you out.

Don’t worry. The interview will most likely be over the phone and last around 5 to 10 minutes.

If you would like to talk to a member of our media team for advice and support, give us a call on 0207 612 0377

Sending a media invitation

If you’re organising an event which could have a good photo opportunity, fill in the media invitation and send it to your local media a week before the event to encourage them to attend. Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee that the press will come to your event but it is the best way of inviting them.

  • Download our media invitation template.doc
    [doc 228 KB]
  • Sending a diary notice

    If you’re organizing an event you may want to get it added to your local newspaper’s listing section (if they have one), especially if you’re looking for people to come along. To do that, you should fill in the diary notice and send it to them a few weeks before the event. Again, it's not guaranteed your local media will add this.

  • Download our diary notice template.doc
    [doc 226.5 KB]
  • Posting on social media

    Use whatever social media channels you’re on to chart your training, your thoughts or anything you want to share about the challenge. Remember to tag Teenage Cancer Trust:

    Twitter: @TeenageCancer
    Instagram: @teenage_cancer
    Facebook: @TeenageCancerTrust