Our partnerships

We have strong partnerships with a host of charities, professional groups and public health organisations to ensure collaboration, share best practice and offer development for professionals.


Young Lives vs Cancer and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust 

The coronavirus pandemic led to an increased need for cancer support services alongside a dramatically reduced income across the charity sector.  We’ve partnered with two charities with similar aims to our own: to meet the needs of children and young people with cancer.  

Together with Young Lives vs Cancer and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, we’ve committed to avoiding duplication and ensuring young people with cancer can access the full range of support that each charity offers, throughout their treatment and recovery. 

A young person’s needs might be best met through Teenage Cancer Trust’s units across the UK and our specialist clinical and support teams; through Young Lives vs Cancer’s excellent social care offer; or through Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust’s established programme that rebuilds confidence after cancer treatment. Working together, we can make sure each young person gets the support they need. 

We are also united in having a shared voice on issues that matter most to children and young people with cancer. 

Teen Cancer America 

After over a decade working with Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who decided to take their passion across the pond and make a difference in the lives of teens and young adults with cancer in the United States. 

Professional groups

Association for Young People’s Health  

Teenage Cancer Trust is a member of the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH). AYPH works to improve understanding of young people’s health needs and they link with Teenage Cancer Trust to share good practice and support improvements in service delivery. 

European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS)    

EONS is the leading cancer nursing organisation in Europe and is very pleased to work with Teenage Cancer Trust to raise awareness, promote education and improve the care of young people with cancer wherever they receive care across Europe. 

Managed Service Network for Children & Young People with Cancer 

The Managed Service Network for Children & Young People with Cancer (MSN) aims to attain the best possible outcomes for children, teenagers, and young adults with a diagnosis of cancer in Scotland. The network will ensure that service delivery and pathways of care are consistent across Scotland, with a focus on delivering safe services as locally as possible. Their website presents information and links to relevant organisations for patients aged 0 - 25 years, family members and carers. 

Royal College of Nursing 

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) works closely with Teenage Cancer Trust in those aspects of its work that relate to the profession and the practice of nursing. The two organisations worked collaboratively on the Teenage Cancer Trust Cancer Nurse Competence and Career Framework. 

Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer 

Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (TYAC) is a membership organisation which helps all professionals involved in the care of young people with cancer work together to improve knowledge and services. TYAC raises awareness of the need to provide appropriate, specialised and highly skilled care for young people by: 

  • improving communication between stakeholders 
  • advocating for teenagers and young adults and professionals 
  • promoting research, education and information. 

Healthcare professionals from all disciplines are encouraged to become members of TYAC to help collaborative working becoming the norm and make treatment experiences better for young people with cancer. TYAC is jointly funded by Teenage Cancer Trust and Young Lives vs Cancer (formerly Clic Sargent), as well as contributions from membership subscriptions.

UK Oncology Nursing Society 

The UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) represents nurses working in cancer care throughout the four countries of the United Kingdom. The mission of UKONS is to promote excellence in the nursing management and care of all those directly and indirectly affected by cancer. UKONS aims to encourage and facilitate the personal and professional development of nurses by supporting them in education, research and practice. Teenage Cancer Trust and UKONS have a close collaborative relationship and have many areas of mutual interest in cancer policy, clinical practice and service delivery. 

NHS and public health bodies

Each of our 28 specialist units are situated with NHS hospitals. We work together with public sector health professionals all over the UK to deliver high quality care for young people with cancer. 

  • Department of Health 
  • National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) 
  • NHS England 
  • NHS Northern Ireland 
  • NHS Scotland 
  • NHS Wales 

Other partners

  • CanTeen Australia  
  • Florence Nightingale 
  • International Association Adolescent Health (IAAH) 
  • Manchester Academy Science (at the Christie) 
  • National Cancer Intelligence Network 
  • National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) 
  • Nurse First