Our Education and Awareness team helps to increase knowledge of cancer in young people. Our education programme provides information and guidance to 4 main audiences. 

We've been delivering cancer education presentations in schools across the UK for over 15 years. The next step is to expand focus to reach a wider audience, including:

Adult influencers

To enable us to reach more young people we understand the need to make the adults in their lives aware of the issue as well. Over the next few years we will be working with parents, teachers and employers to ensure that they have the information and resources that they need to discuss cancer and health with the young people in their care. The first part of this will be to provide discussion resources for parents/guardians of young people who receive an education presentation so that discussions about health choices and visiting the doctor can be followed up at home. We will be speaking to teachers about the resources they currently use and whether we are the right charity to fill any gaps to support those health discussions, by providing lesson plans, film resources, etc. In the future, we also hope to work with employers to raise awareness of cancer in young people and understand the information they need.

GPs and Health Professionals

By engaging with health professionals we aim to support them to diagnose cancer in young people as early as possible. Cancer in young people is very rare, and the warning signs of cancer can be similar to other less harmful health issues, so to improve the diagnosis experience we need to support GPs and health professionals to recognise key warning signs and have the tools, policies and procedures in place to act upon any concerns. Through our campaigns and our online and physical resources we aim to support GPs and health professionals to confidently diagnose cancer in young people early.

Young people with cancer

Cancer doesn’t just change the life of the young person with cancer. It has a much wider reach; friends, siblings and family members are also affected by a cancer diagnosis. We want to work with young people who have cancer to help them educate and empower those around them. Over the next few years a series of exciting projects will launch which will help achieve this aim. 

As we develop new resources and guidance we will update our pages so please check back soon.

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