We've found that worryingly nearly 2/3 (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan. We want to change that. See how much you know about sun safety with our myth-busting video…

For teachers

We've created a host of exciting and easy to use resources to teach sun safety in schools:

Our amazing set of resources includes:

  • Teaching Pack
  • Two powerpoint lessons, each designed to be delivered in around 50 minutes.
  • Four accompanying worksheets:
    1. Mole Worksheet
    2. Skin Type Quiz
    3. My Plan
    4. Action Plan

As well as this, we've got some printed leaflets that you can order for FREE!

5 simple steps

Love the sun, respect your skin by following our 5 simple steps:

  • Slap on SPF 30 sunscreen – Apply generous amounts of water resistant sunscreen of at least SPF30 and above, to clean, dry skin before going out in the sun. Make sure you re-apply regularly throughout the day.
  • Wear a hat – Whether it's a stylish fedora, a trilby or a baseball cap, all can help to keep the heat off your head, face, neck and ears.
  • Stay in the shade between 11am-3pm –  When the sun's rays are strongest between 11am-3pm, find a shady spot to avoid the burn.
  • Protect your eyes – Slip on those sunglasses to make sure your eyes are protected from the strong rays of the sun.
  • Cover up – Throw on a long sleeved shirt or top that ideally has a collar and a sarong or long shorts to protect your skin.

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