We work in partnership with a number of organisations and institutions to develop a range of key documents and resources. They show the importance of age-appropriate care and highlight the facilities, resources and expertise needed to deliver the best possible quality care to young people with cancer.

Strategic Vision to Improve Nursing Care Provision to Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer

This is the third Teenage Cancer Trust Nursing Strategy, building on the previous strategy published in 2012 it outlines our direction and initiatives to ensure we develop nurses, nursing and increase our reach to all TYA diagnosed with cancer. This nursing strategy is aligned to the Teenage Cancer Trust Strategy and the four national cancer strategies to provide consistent and effective care delivery to all TYA diagnosed with cancer. The nursing strategy is accompanied by an action plan and progress report as published in our Annual Nursing Achievements Report

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Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Nursing Competence and Career Framework

(endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing) 

Sam Smith, Head of Nursing and Quality at Teenage Cancer Trust worked with a number of Teenage Cancer Trust funded expert staff and in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing to develop a the national framework for nurses working with teenage and young adult cancer patients across all healthcare settings.

This framework provides the core knowledge and skills needed to provide age-appropriate nursing care to young people with cancer. Competencies are the cornerstone of quality of nursing care.

This seminal piece of work was launched at the First Teenage Cancer Trust Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professional Symposium in July 2014.

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Young Voices

Teenage Cancer Trust dedicate their work to advocate for young people diagnosed with cancer. We know that initial misdiagnosis is frequent and that they and lack access to specialist services tailored to their needs. As part of campaigning for more of a voice for young people, this report was developed as a collection of messages from teenagers and young adults about their experiences of having cancer, the issues important to them and their views on government policy on health services in the UK.

These messages were collected in a variety of ways - video messages which have been transcribed; hand written and emailed messages. They come from young people across the UK and their families.

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Blueprint of Care

Teenage Cancer Trust and TYAC have joined forces to publish the 2nd edition of the Blueprint of Care for teenage and young adult cancer. The first edition was published in early 2012.

This publication was the first of its kind and brings together the expertise and knowledge of healthcare professionals who have been leading teenage and young adult cancer care for the past 20 years.

The Blueprint of Care provides practical advice, guidance and tips for anyone working with young cancer patients aged 16-24 within Principal Treatment Centres, Teenage and Young Adult designated hospitals or District General Hospitals.

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Impact of the Built Environment

In March 2009, Teenage Cancer Trust commissioned The Futures Company to increase our understanding the impact the design of our specialist units on patients.

The study shows that environment designed specifically for younger people with cancer creates positive benefits for patients as well as catering for the needs of family, friends and staff – all of whom have a role in providing support, care and treatment.

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Teenage and Young Adult Palliative and End of Life Care Service Evaluation

This Teenage Cancer Trust research project was conducted by Dr Anne Grinyer and Zephyrine Barbarachild, Lancaster University, and part funded by the Department of Health in April 2011.

The primary aim of the evaluation was to establish what is the current provision of palliative and end of life care for teenagers and young adults with cancer in Teenage Cancer Trust Units and how this relates to the wider care setting. The secondary aim was to develop a guide for good practice based on the experience of those delivering/arranging palliative and end of life care in the Teenage Cancer Trust Units.


The Selection of a Detailed Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Professional Assessment of Psychological Distress

By Amanda Edmonson, Dan Stark - University of Leeds, June 2015 (Funded by Teenage Cancer Trust)

"In recent years we have learnt that the psychosocial needs of teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer are distinct from those in children and adults (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2004, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2005, Smith and Case, 2012, Ferrari et al., 2010, Zebrack et al., 2013). We know that different treatment centres have responded to this in different ways. In the US and the UK for example few centres adopt a standardised approach to the assessment and treatment of psychological distress in teenage and young people with cancer; instead their approach is varied and may not be optimal. The aim of this project was therefore to build a package of assessment and treatment of psychological distress in TYA with recently diagnosed cancer. In order to identify an appropriate process, and tools to assist such an assessment, we completed a scoping exercise and held a workshop, attended by ten TYA centres from across the UK. An initial professional consensus on a process from clinical assessment to screening, then to a more detailed assessment of screen-positive patients was reached."

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