Professional training

We believe that health professionals who provide care and support to young people throughout their cancer journey must be experienced, skilled and have high level expertise in teenage and young adult cancer care.

Teenage Cancer Trust has developed a detailed workforce and education strategy to drive and lead professional education for those in the field. This is led by our Chief Nurse in conjunction with our many professional partners in healthcare and education.

Health professional talking to a young person in masks

Accredited education modules

We work in partnership with Coventry University to provide accredited education modules in teenage and young adult cancer care. They are delivered in a variety of ways such as traditional classroom teaching, online learning or a mix of both (blended learning). 

Working closely together and with professional organisations and a variety of clinical experts, we are proud to offer programmes specific to this age of cancer patients. This collaborative working ensures that contemporary clinical practice is strongly embedded in what we do and supports the strategic development of the workforce and services to meet the particular needs of young people. 

Young person on blue background