Jointly funded by Teenage Cancer Trust, Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (TYAC) is a membership organisation which helps all professionals involved in the care of young people with cancer to work together to improve knowledge and services. It is fundamental that healthcare professionals delivering Teenage and Young Adult cancer care work collaboratively and share best practice.

TYAC raises awareness of the need to provide appropriate, specialised and highly skilled care for young people by:

  • improving communication between stake holders
  • advocating for teenagers and young adults and professionals
  • promoting research, education and information.

Healthcare professionals from all disciplines are encouraged to become a member of TYAC to enable a wide range of disciplines to contribute towards taking services forward and improving cancer care and support for young people.

Being a TYAC member has given me the opportunity to network both in person and via the website and keep up to date with innovative practice and ideas. TYAC enables the sharing of support and information between professionals, thus enhancing my knowledge and reassurance of having support within the speciality.

TYAC is jointly funded by Teenage Cancer Trust and Clic Sargent, as well as contributions from membership subscriptions.


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