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Worried aboutcancer?

The 5 signs of cancer are pain, a lump or bump, extreme weight loss, extreme tiredness and changes in a mole. Find out more ›

Types of cancer

Find out about the most common cancers diagnosed in teenagers and young adults. Find out more ›

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Youth Support Coordinators provide support for young people with cancer, keeping their lives as normal as possible during treatment. Meet our brilliant team ›

Cancer treatment

There are many different types of cancer treatments available, and a team of doctors and specialists will work together to decide what's best to treat you. Learn more ›

A young person'sguide to cancer

Young people with cancer told us what they wish they'd known when they were diagnosed, so we worked with them to create this great guide. Read our guide ›

Ali's story

"I would tell other young people who are diagnosed with cancer not to be too scared because you have Teenage Cancer Trust to help you with your treatment." Meet Ali ›

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