Charlene is a Registered Nurse (Child) and has a Bsc in Biology.

My role

Young people can choose to have their treatment in their local designated hospital, which might not have a specific teenage and young adult cancer unit – so it’s my job to work with these young people across Greater Manchester and North Cheshire and make sure they get the best possible care.

It’s great meeting young people from across the region, getting to know them and finding out how I can best support them at a difficult and emotionally challenging time. Supporting young people in designated treatment hospitals with age appropriate care can really make a positive difference to how a young person copes with their treatment.

I am inspired by the enduring spirit of many of the young people that I support. Despite facing great personal challenges and adversity I am constantly inspired by their strength of character, resilience and humour.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Teenage Cancer Trust helps young people maintain a sense of normality, assures them that there is a team specifically dedicated to them as an individual young person and helps put them in touch with other young people to help them cope and build camaraderie and strength among each other.

I take great satisfaction from seeing young people and their families receiving support from other young people with similar experiences, who they may never have met if it weren’t for our service bringing them together.