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Proton beam therapy for cancer in lockdown: my story 

Isabella, from London, was diagnosed with a chordoma (a rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones of the base of the skull and spine) in October 2019. Youth Support Coordinator Angie helped her through proton beam therapy at The Christie in Manchester during lockdown.

bone cancer

Having cancer made me who I am today 

Tania Shepheard became one of the first young people we ever supported when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1990. She was initially treated at University College London Hospital before being moved to Teenage Cancer Trust’s first unit at Middlesex Hospital.

bone cancer

Life has gone on, but there isn't a day where I'm not reminded of him 

Ella knows that cancer doesn’t just affect the person who’s diagnosed – it affects the whole family. Her brother Toby was treated for lung cancer on our Cambridge unit, but sadly died in 2018. She tells us how they remember Toby as life changes without him.

My advice is to really throw yourself into Christmas 

Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 19, while away at university in Chester. He was treated on the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Clatterbridge, and then transferred to our unit at the Bristol Royal Infirmary to be closer to his family.

testicular cancer

I didn't realise how a good support network could help me 

Lily, from Banbury, was 20 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. She was helped by Teenage Cancer Trust at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Hodgkin lymphoma

Christmas will look different this year, but it'll still be special 

Isaac, 15, was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 11. He was helped by Teenage Cancer Trust at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

brain tumours

Kerrie helped make Christmas feel less scary for me 

Rachael, from Belfast, was diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2019 after five months of experiencing various symptoms. She was looked after at Antrim Area Hospital by Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse, Kerrie. 

Hodgkin lymphoma

We joke that it’s nap roulette 

Ashley Williams (26), and her fiancé Jonny raised £3,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust by cycling from London to Paris. Ashley, an intensive care nurse, talks about how she has learned to deal with the lasting effects of her cancer treatment, with Jonny’s support. 

 thyroid cancer

My mum probably saved my life by insisting I went for an eye test 

Charlie (19) was diagnosed with a brain tumour after suffering from severe headaches for six months. She was treated at the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

brain tumours

Helping make a change - talking to policymakers about my cancer story 

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at 23, Jamie was told to shield from coronavirus. But that didn’t stop him getting involved with our work, by joining us on a call with the Shadow Minister for Health and Social Care.

Hodgkin lymphoma