Wednesday 16th October 2019

After having cancer and treatment for this, my body has changed. 

It was a very scary time and my treatment included me taking medication that made me need to eat more and retain water. As a result I put on a lot of weight. 

I understand that this change is not my fault and that it is okay for me to have put this weight on. 

I was used to doing a lot of exercise, such as swimming, but due to my central line I wasn’t able to do this. I also found, and still find, strenuous physical activity difficult because of the effects of my treatment.

I have lots of scars from surgeries but I now also have stretch marks as a result of my weight gain and that’s okay! 

Personally I want to lose weight to become healthier, but I’m doing this as it’s my own decision and after much discussion with health care professionals. I have been told to be careful and not to ‘over do it’. I am also trying to eat healthier so I am at less risk of further health issues in the future. 

Again, I am happy with my body and I am only losing weight to become healthier and I am doing this in accordance to advice from my health care professionals. If anyone ever tells you that you should change your body image, ignore them. Unless they are healthcare professionals acting in your best interests, don’t listen. As long as you are happy with how you look that’s all that matters!

I have in the past dealt with body image issues, and I still do. I have phases of comfort eating and am not always happy with my body image. I talk to my friends and family who I trust as well as doctors and my Teenage Cancer Trust youth support coordinator. They help me to come up with solutions. If you ever feel unhappy with how you look I recommend you do the same!

If anyone ever says anything unkind remember you are loved and you are beautiful. Talk to someone and never do anything suddenly or act on other people’s unkind words. 

I am me with my scars, with my extra weight, with my stretch marks and I’m proud of them as they are memories of my journey and show how far I’ve come. 

If your body does change remember: just as your appearance has changed you are still you on the inside.