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Check out our useful resources, including opinions and advice from experts covering a range of topics, from mental health to nutrition and exercise. You'll also be able to read about the experiences of young people and families affected by cancer.


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If you’re going through cancer and need to isolate, this activity pack is for you. Read more ›

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The coronavirus vaccine and young people with cancer: your questions answered

Millions of people in the UK have now had at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. If you’re a young person with cancer, it’s natural to have questions. That’s why we asked Anniela Etheridge, a Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to answer some of the biggest questions you might have. Remember – if you have questions about your care, you should always speak to your clinical care team.

Anti-racism resources

A selection of the best films, documentaries, books and podcasts to check out if you want to learn more about anti-racism and the wide-ranging identities, histories and experiences of people of colour.

Money and cancer: money worries, getting paid and budgeting

Our friends at The Money Charity bring you some simple advice and tips about how to manage your money when you’re a young person with cancer.

My photo diary through surgery for cancer

Leah was 17 when she was diagnosed with a type of thyroid cancer. She had surgery as part of her treatment, and here, she shares her photo diary of her experience.

Is there such a thing as 'good' cancer?

When Chloe was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she was told by her doctor that she had the “good kind of cancer.”

Isolation life hacks

If you’re going through cancer and need to isolate, this activity pack is for you. You’ll find resources on topics like building a routine, keeping your body moving, mental health and wellbeing, nutrition, and more.

How therapy helped support me through cancer

Getting psychological support as a young person with cancer can feel daunting at first. But it can really help support you through some tough times, even after your treatment has finished. Jonas and Kathryn share how therapy helped them and give some tips for anyone thinking about therapy.

Studies after cancer: advice on results, uni and careers

Maz, a Careers Adviser at City, University of London, shares advice on exam results in 2021 and your options for further study or employment, especially if your studies have been affected by cancer.

Life after lockdown for young people with cancer

As of July 2021, coronavirus restrictions are currently in the process of easing in the UK. For young people with cancer, that may bring up a mix of emotions. Here, we talk about common feelings young people might have, and share some tips and info on how to face this change from some of our Youth Support Coordinators.

How to ask for help if cancer is affecting your mental health

Dr Clare Jacobson and Dr Mark Groves, Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologists at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, talk us through why it’s normal to experience difficult thoughts and emotions about cancer, and share tips on asking for help if cancer is affecting your mental health.